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Escape from Withmore
Who names their child Snake...really...

I've always been a big fan of the 'Escape' movies.  Personal favorite being Escape from L.A.   Also have to love the Duke Nukem game where you find a corpse and its supposed to be good ol' Snake.  "Looks like you dind't escape this time."

What brought this up, was their money.  I noticed they used colors heh.  Redbacks, greenbacks, get the drift.  Withmore could operate in the same fashion.  Sure you got a million redbacks, but they aren't worth shit on Gold and higher.  Got Goldbacks you may as well be a king in the mix, they all want your goodies, but Green and Blue...they don't want your dirty toilet paper.  Got five blue chyen, swap it for a hundred red. Ten gold for a on and so forth.

Lets face it, our economy stinks.  Mixers got more money than corpies.  Credsticks are NEVER going to be implemented.  Our GAME is in a recession for crying out loud.  Could make it so Green and Blue moneys is actually US dollars or something, so that's a pretty necessary thing for outside business...that might be going a bit far, but hey, its an idea.

I have to totally agree that the sindome economy is weak as hell at best.   But I question weather this will do anything to fix the problem.

not likely

In situations like this you can either stimulate the economy by pouring chy into it or pray for gm support. Good luck.

I think it could...maybe... �Given the fact that your money would suddenly only be useful in particular areas you'd have to open up your options. �No longer can you just toss money to one guy and get everything you need. �You want that fat machine gun, hey, its 600k redbacks, got golds its only 100k...why? �Cuz redbacks aint shit to the outside world.  But on the flipside you aint bringing that heater through Neotrans mister corpie man.� Switch out your junk bills for the good ones.  Get that corp contact, hookup with that mixer-fixer. �Money would have its own buy and sell opportunities...just one more transaction to add to the pile.  Mix biz would make mix money, corp biz would make corp money.

You ask me its not a lack of money that's killed the economy, it was a sudden influx of �-unseen before that day- quantities. �And of course hoarding. �Quit hoarding you fixers. �Start undercutting them prices. �At least act like you need the money. �This full price for stuff doesn't seem right to me and I think its only assisting the broke-assness of the game. �I mean really, all of the fixers are more than capable of finding their gear say...two or three days later anyway and getting it back if its a desire. �Depression, recession, those mean lower prices on non-essential merchandise :p �Which in SD, is everything mwuahahaha

all different money is going to do is make things confusing and complicated.
Fixers hold shit usually becuase broke assholes want shit from then but refuse to pay the set amount that would turn a fixer some profit, so why sell it if you lose the money on it?

The only way yo seriously undercut someone is selling stolen gear.

Seriously, what reef said is the only real way to boost the economy.

Ya, tho I'm not saying the idea's totally bad,  but it would definately confuse a already ailing system.  Back when gm support and player interaction and action was a bit heavier, (no knocks on any gm's just illustrating a point) it was the norm, nay expected that you make money off of RP, and that is a very good thing.   It can still be done, but the economy isn't flowing like a waterfall.  I'm not saying money should just be randomly handed out either, but..  a series of small, basic plots based around getting a bit of loot out there.  I've even supported the idea of having a character who's like a semi-npc.   Played like an alt, given chy and centers it around moving RP along, buying stuff from players and that sort of thing, but without the burden of having to babysit the moo.   Ok so maybe that isn't the greatest idea in the entire world, but the theme of this post is   more chyflow=better economy.  

There are plenty of good paying jobs out there.  15k and up a week.  The people that have those jobs are the ones that get the money.  They are expected to spend it on things ICly, which drives the economy.