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Flare Gun

Simple idea.

A PRI Flare Gun.

* It would be single-shot and work with the current emergency flares we currently have in-game.

* Firing flares would essentially work like sniping with the ability to fire a flare 2-3 rooms in any cardinal direction.

* If fired into the air, the flare would descend slowly illuminating an entire area based on height. Useful in badlands and maybe space?

* Flares would also now come in a bigger variety of color.

* Flare Guns would have a functional combat application due to them essentially being guns. It would not be a good one.

If fired upwards, could it be seen from several rooms away if there isn't anything obstructing it?

This could be a handy (and fun) tool to use in more wide open areas where you may get lost or want to signal your friends from a distance.

I imagine it would work with existing code now which highlights flying and falling objects. It would just need to be launched up there and have a slow descent.
Could also potentially be used as a counter measure against heat-seeking weapons if there are any in the game.
Bonus points if firing these at certain critters make them freak the fuck out and either berserk on everyone/thing in the room, or run for the hills.
Obviously it should set stuff on fire.