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Food - the natural candy

I'd like to see more improvements to the food system.

- different ingredients at different prices on different sectors

- rarity on ingredients

- sell pre-made meals, but make it clearer that people without cooking skills aren't 'cooking' them - just putting that TV dinner in the microwave

Food bonuses, like an alternative to candy:

- some kind of bonus effect given from eating better quality food - be it quality raw ingredients like oranges and apples

- some kind of bonus effect given from a homecooked meal - so even a rat stew can be turned into something better by a good cook vs a poor cook

I'd be wary of giving bonuses through food besides the one which exists, because unlike drugs there's no risk at all in a chef's island blowing up. Supplies last a long time and are cheap to restock and crafting quality isn't affected by anything.

Food already sells surprisingly well (go creative cooks, go!) and giving a bonus without any drawbacks doesn't feel like it'd be balanced.

There is some precedent for item ingredients producing specific effects that can be mixed and matched. I am biased because I love the cooking system and wouldn't mind seeing it expanded, though I understand the aversion to 'solo eats pocket steak' situations.

If there was additional skill requirements, and the stat-lending premium ingredients were priced to balance their benefits, I could imagine there being a fun system there in principle.

The trick part is of course that kitchen equipment is very expensive but just comes free to many players with their pads, which kind of makes it a nightmare to balance. Maybe some other equipment that corporate pads don't just get for free would need to be required as well.