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Food degredation
and stuff

So... Newspapers and similar items can decompose and disappear. It would only make sense if food could degrade, rot, and get disgusting, and eventually bad enough that if you eat it it will make you sick. That would open the door to refrigerators and advance the idea of sickness and obtaining cures as well, I'd assume that a cure would have to be halfway avaliable, but an any case it should be visited if not already on "the list" Opinions?
I've actually discussed this in great length with Johnny recently. Hunger, food going bad, badlands scavenging, etc. I'd love to see it put into play.
Ah, I love the scavenging idea as well. Maybe you can find your on sanguino(sp?) fruit in the badlands, which could feed you, as well as satisfy your thirst to a lesser degree.
saguaro fruit, ya, that's the idea. Hunger doing damage to you over time to a certain amount, suspended while offline. Food goes bad so you can't stock pile food on you that spoils and hide away somewhere forever, etc, etc.
100% in support of everything I see thus far. I need a mechanic to remind me to GO FORTH AND EAT. Though it does have the minor downside of people not idling (thus making us lowering the player count a tad). And I imagine some people idle just so they don't have to log off. Maybe hunger should also be suspended, or slowed significantly, if you're idle for however long? Or maybe it could be suspended if you're idle + a certain amount of hungry?
The game used to have a 60 minute log off timer, this never time out thing is a bit crazy to me still. :-p
Lest you have a pocketful of soynuts! heh I think that should make coolers more prominent as well as making refrigerators in your apt something that can be purchased like cabinets. I'd love to see more reasons to go to the badlands too. Possibly make egress and ingress free, but keep the same security on weapns/ammo. That would explain huge lines and whatnot at the gate. Maybe other items not so prominent inside the drome could be very common outside, or even better "Survior badlands" and/or other such competitions come to life. NLM would be all over that.
Ah, I wondered why that 1 hour timer thing was changed. Accidently idled for like a day and a half on my phone without realizing it one time. Also annoying to watch someone you want to RP with idle 10 hrs. heh.
I like the hunger damage thing, but maybe more like as you get hungrier, it lowers your max health, so you can't heal beyond a certain point til you eat, on top of what we have now.

As for having people use the badlands more, maybe not make it free, but perhaps you could buy day/week/month/year passes if you go in and out of the city often.

So, basically you guys want Fallout 3/New Vegas hardcore mode in the game?

I like the idea of malnutrition and dehydration being taken into account but I'd take it a step further and instead of dealing damage to the player it should reduce their effectiveness. Making them slower, lessening their stats/skills in an ever increasing penalty. Eating wouldn't reset it but start a replenish up to the point they are back to their full effectiveness.

Maintaining one fed and hydrated would keep them at peak performance for X time depending on their endurance, the higher it is the longer you can keep your stats without food and drink.

But all this has to be done in a way we won't end up killing/gimping all players and even penalizing those that don't RP every day.

Should we kill people that log off for a few days/weeks/months because they haven't eaten? Should they wake up gimped so much that they will crawl everywhere for the next couple of hours even when they have eaten the instant they logged on?

I like the reduced effectiveness and needing to stay satiated in order to be at peak performance. And when I last talked about this I believe I was throwing around the idea of suspending the effectiveness/damage effect while off-line at a certain point so the player at least feels the effects of it but isn't entirely setup to be crippled/killed immediately because RL calls. However, I think it should be noticeable that they're hungry/thirsty.

The players that do log-on but don't get out to RP every often though.. The people that just get their UE and idle off or log back off, they should need some reason to leave their caves or invest in refrigeration units.

We have all these lovely dynamic foods now, the food availability and diversity could increase by like a billion percent easily using ingredient variations.

Alright, I'll start doing a proposal on this for the team soonish.

Not saying it will be done, just put the idea forward and start the dev discussion. After all I still need to finish balancing the guns...

I think the hunger itself should suspend if it reaches a point while you're offline. Something along the lines of not going beyond "Time for breakfast" level hunger? IE: You should probably eat, but you could skip out with just a snack until lunch without any real penalties. Of course if it's below that already, it shouldn't go up. It just shouldn't go any lower.

Hunger should also probably produce messages on some hunger ticks if you go so far, with them becoming more frequent and more invasive as you get further. Maybe even with random bouts of unconsciousness at it's most severe?

I have an idea for extended absences!!

Places to stay can come with hydration/nourishment IVs for a little extra, so you can stay nourished IC even while disconnected for days on end.

And as far as negative effects, have levels of hunger, thirst, and sleepiness.

levels go up by one every hour, or more levels and increments could be added, it's just a rough idea.

Every level that goes up can diminish your stats by a set amount, based on endurance. Damaging the character is a cheap mechanic, but lowering max health at higher levels would work fine.

Just my two cents.