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Forensics addition

The ability for forensics examinations to determine if:

- The cause of death was a neck snap / stabbed heart / blood loss, etc.

- The person was suffocated, choked, or drowned.

I 100% would like to see the manner of final death be something to uncover with the right amount ability. This would be especially useful to determining whether someone suicided or not - and would make tossing dead bodies off high places valuable for obfuscating forensics data.

It can get a little weird to come across a dead jumper who has the same wounds of some types of combat forms in-game.

That sounds like a pretty good and reasonable request... I don't know if it does it or not... but if you have time data available, an approximate time of death would be nice too and probably helpful for people looking into these kinds of things.

If it already does so... great!

If it can't already, make it so forensics gives you the ability (if you so choose) to 'clean up' the crime scene, or remove as much details of it as possible. Since you know what people would be looking for, you could use it to your advantage. Think Dexter Morgan.