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Fueling Station
Where to put it.

We need a fueling station on GOLD. the one on green is about useless for the current corporate player base.

So, again, we need a fueling station on GOLD.

Also, Perhaps one in the garage of the WJF @ a reduced rate for Judges? Every current day city I know of offers their officers a place to fill their cruisers @ a reduced rate...

Even if you don't do that, the garage should be functional for judges... ie, the doors should auto-open for them and cruisers, like the gates to the city that only open for judges...

A eth station on GOLD would definetly be nice. Hrm...and profitable. :deal:

Yeah I know. I've brought this up before too. Just need to find a good place for it. Judges should have one in the HOJ as well for their own use. The garage in the HOJ was revamped rfom one room to a whole shitload by Johnny and was never finished. Lots of missing descriptions. That's why it isn't really accessible.

Well, from what I had seen the car garage looked good....minus a stringed exit or two...
Jeff walks north.
Jeff arrives from the west.

Now, the aerodyne garage...yeah, that place is empty.

I in fact did the descriptions of the garage awhile back.  There is a desc for  fueling station in there, we just need to put it there.

I concur. And make it accessible without having to have someone puppet Ops to open it from the outside (or inside).

There might be an ancient vehicle transponder object kicking around if any admin wanted to look it up, pretty sure Bishop coded them for the old vehicle system. Doubt they'll work... but could be worth a try. Automatically opens/closes designated garage doors when you drive through them.

EDIT: Or maybe there's something already in place to do that... just re-read the last paragraph of the original post. :D

(Edited by Rastus2 at 10:08 am on June 15, 2007)

Rastus, I think the gates might be based on Object number's parents... like if your a child of the $judge class (assuming thats how it works) and walk into the door it opens. I actually haven't tried it with a vehicle, i'm not authorized for the vehicles i've found out there.  But I do know that (last time I was out and not a judge) I couldn't walk back in the gates.

But I could :P