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Texas Holdem.

Would be fun to gamble chyen with other players!
There are decks of cards in game, and you can play several games. You have to organize bets yourself.

In the past several players have taken on the role of a 'Dealer' playing the house and getting other players to buy in. So, what you want is quite possible, you just have to take the initiative yourself.

Thanks for the heads up! I will keep my eyes peeled for these.
I've never been inside to check it out myself, but there's also at least one casino on the grid. I suppose it's more gambling with your chummers in a different way, but it's another option. :)
Casino is closed.
This is a travesty. Someone should do something about this.
Any suggestion how to handle chips?
I am trying to come up with a way to run some card games. The biggest hurdle I have now is what to do for chips. The key points about chips that are important for a better game, that I feel would need to be included in any in game chips, are as follows.

They would need to be able to be viewed by all players involved. It is important to be able to see what betting reserves a player has. (Now, I think this could be done another way perhaps, If each player was frisked, and then given a wallet with a set sum.) Still, there needs to be a way to deal with the pot. I can not seem to put chyen on the table directly, so we would need a way to see the amount that is in the pot for each hand. This is essential for poker. These would have to be easily regulated in the event that a player tried to add more chips from their pockets or something, easily handled by an emote.

I am really excited about this idea, and welcome any suggestions for ways to handle the issue of poker chips. If we can figure this out, there could be some awesome RP in running cash card games in seedy locations, prime targets for those looking to flex!

"I can not seem to put chyen on the table directly"

How about "dropmoney", or, leaving an open container (briefcase, wallet, coffee can) in the middle of the table (room) for people to "put <amount> inn <container>"?

I think the best way to figure this out is to get your character into the situation and start the game and work it out in realtime RP. Start small - just dealing and betting with one other player.

Yeah, the container idea is what I am thinking about. I want to make sure I can come up with a system that is not so cumbersome as to make every hand painstaking for either the player, or the dealer, and keep it flowing at a decent pace.
Get a briefcase and put it on the ground, pay money into the briefcase and use it as the pot. Or just dropm or have one player be the bank and pay them the chyen.

Texas hold'em is 100% possible, as are many other games. I coded cards specifically with hold 'em in mind, YEARS ago and have yet to see anyone using cards on a regular basis. Get the cards and start gambling.

Roulette, Cards, Slot Machines are all DONE ICly, however, the casino is not open because we want special events only to have gambling. IE: a casino night charity event, or something.

If you want to be a gambler, you can. Get cards and host a game. Get the players together, you are the house, you take 5%-10% for being the dealer + tips. Do it like a real casino there are ZERO hurdles to doing this with a character. The systems exist all you need to do is use them.

Players have done this before, too, and it's quite a lot of fun. There is literally nothing stopping anyone from running card and dice games.
Feeling a bit dumb here, can you explain the dealer fee on blackjack and craps? Take it from the pot each hand or only if the dealer lost?
You have to have your character work it out ICly.

Nothing about money-handling or about wager resolution is coded in to the cards (or dice, whichever).

So you have a RP challenge, not a mechanical one.

I mean. Who's to say that anyone would do "dealer fees" the same way you would. The IC players of the IC game work this out.