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Gangers answering allegiance question

It seems relatively straightforward, while most gangers allegiance is obvious, some it isn't, and given how proudly they rep their gang - I think it's only sane that if you ask him "Yo, what gang ya in chummer" they will respond accordingly. Bonus point: they could then report seeing you there if you are in bad standing with the gang, or maybe outright attack you.
Try looking at them.
As Quotient said, there are context clues for this sort of thing.

But as a side note, if you rolled up to someone in a bad neighborhood and went 'what set you rep?' they'd probably immediately think that you're there to fight. Similarly, asking ganger NPCs a question like this would, from a realistic standpoint, probably have them attack you.

As in op: Sometimes looking doesn't work.

And dunno, I rolled up to PC gangers many times, asked them what gangs they were at and they didn't attack me, instead boasted about who they are with.

I don't think we need to automate this. If you can't figure it out and ask and a gm wants to puppet and punch your character in the face or answer the question, they can do so. I don't know that we need to be automating things like this. It makes interaction with NPCs too mechanical. NPCs are people in the world. We shouldn't be treating them like information radiators unless that's their role in the game and gangers are definitely not that.