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Grapplin' improvements.
Not feeling quite so helpless.

Disclaimer: this is just my experience, I may be wrong, take with a grain of salt, so on and so on.

As I'm sure anyone who's been in a fight knows, grapple is a very powerful tool. The thing is, it feels a little bit... TOO powerful. If someone manages to land a hold on you, it often feels like the fight is over, right then and there. Yes, it's possible to struggle your way out of their grasp, but it feels like there should be more options for those grappled beyond just shaking angrily in their iron grip and cursing.

Say you're a knife wielding maniac, and your enemy has you in a hold. That sounds like a perfect time to stick your knife into their side a dozen times while they've got you in such a close proximity! Wow, what a dumbass, them letting you get close like that.

Say you have a pistol, and someone's holding you up against the wall by your neck, strangling you to death. Know what typically keeps people from strangling you? Shooting them in the gut while they're too busy constricting your windpipe to hold your arms!

Imagine that you're Slab Hardcheese, melee master. I can't think of anything particularly witty for this one, but you could at least try to knee your captor in the dick a few times for some revenge wounds before they snap your neck.

TLDR it'd be nice to have some more options for struggling when caught in a grapple beyond the generic resisting we already have now. Can you guys think of any other ways the experience of being grappled might be improved for the victim?

As I'm sure everyone [...] knows...

So what makes you think you're the first person to put it on the BGBB?

SEARCH before posting things about game mechanics, we have been around a LONG time:

The up-to-date, non-duplicate one you actually want is

Totally off topic, but in most places, getting necromantic with old posts is usually not the way to go.

The topic is ls entirely different than the original post too, even if it's technically regarding grappling.

Proliferating topics helps nobody learn or refer to what's already been discussed.

The point wasn't that the original 2006 post in the topic I linked to is relevant today, the point is that the entire discussion moved on and therefore the topic is alive, and IS relevant.