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No ability to Moderate?

Normally or at least in my opinion, mega corporations in setting such as Cyberpunk tend to regulate the Media so as to not 'feed' the improper things to its users. Which is why I believe the NLM Grid (in conjunction with the WJF) should have sone sort of Terms of Service (TOS) which everyone agrees during signup. This is to avoid harmful posts of say viral hoaxes or terrorists. i'm not looking for a suppression of the voice of the people, only that it is done correctly.

My second issue is we work as Mods but have no power to moderate the Grid. We are moderators, and such we should have the power to move, lock or delete offensive posts. Otherwise we are merely ornaments that can do nothing but watch... I would like this fixed. Now I know there can be abuse with this kind of thing. Therefore there has to be an Administrator who oversees the Moderators and make sure they are:

a) Doing their jobs correctly.

b) Not abusing the powers they have been given.

c) Ensure the Moderators make the Grid run as smoothly as possible for others.

Just my two cents.