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Guard Vehicle
Keep people from getting in

I was wondering if it would make sense to be able to watch over a vehicle and try to keep people from entering. For example, if you know that someone normally drives a car with plate XXXX and you find it parked somewhere unoccupied, you can at least try and bar them from reentering.

On one hand I'd hare to give people who use their vehicle as their primary means of defense yet more reason to never leave them but I also think that there should be more that someone can do to make life hard for such characters.

I know that you could just wait and try and jump them when they come out but I've had poor experience with this when people use macros to accelerate their entry and I'd rather not get in a game where I am using macros to combat their macros.

I'm Curious to hear what you all think.

A movement timer on vehicle entry would probably solve this without introducing unneeded mechanics. I strongly agree that more work could be done to prevent vehicles from being roving fortresses of invulnerability.
This is the same case with doors where people would keep closing/opening them and indefinitely sit there. Same with vehicles because as Reefer said, they're kind of a funny situation when it comes to combat.
Damn ReeferMadness. Love that. So freaking simple!
I don't like a delayed movement because it gives people a longer window of opportunity to break into my vehicle with zero stat checks.

Vehicles -should- be a pretty big advantage. How are they being used as fortresses of invulnerability?

Because once you are in your vehicle You are invulnerable to any damage.

I support being able to shoot up vehicles to damage any/all of its occupants. I'd also support some way of using strength to break yourself out of a vehicle if you're being kidnapped and aren't cuffed.

But if someone you want to kill gets into their vehicle and speeds off, it sounds like it's your fault for trying to fight them next to their biggest advantage. They're called getaway vehicles for a reason. Next time stab them in the bathroom of the Drome.

But you can't damage a vehicle or the person inside of it.

You can disable the locks and the engine if you're smart. But, other then that method, it is a fortress of solitude. Before you could break into them, people used to literally live in their Yaris or Prius, so It's gotten better atleast.

I honestly think that if I'm standing outside your car and know where you are coming from I should have a chance to do something without having to out macro someone. But this is a balance issue and I will be happy with whatever comes out of it - even if it is nothing. I don't honestly know enough of the big picture to push too hard on this. :-)