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Guarding but without counterattacks
For sparring and the like?

I'd like to see a posture that heavily increases your defense even more than in a guarded state but at the cost of not being able to attack.

Feel like it'd be good for sparring and situations like that.

Not sure if it'd break balance though.

There are already items and places in the game that allow for sparring without taking much damage or at all. Ask around ICly.
You may wish to read the suggestion again, Ergo. That's not what was suggested.
I know how to read, thank you.

I just took a deductive leap. You don't need to mess with combat mechanics to achieve the wanted results.

Ergo, I don't feel this is necessary.

Guarded is already incredibly, incredibly strong.

I feel that any further augmentation to defensive 'combat' would be very inbalanced.

How is removing the counter attacks an "augmentation"?
Nevermind, I re-read the original @idea.
Guarding without counterattacks is called spending your UE on defense & subterfuge instead of combat abilities. 😛
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