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Hacking Your Dreams
Welcome to your nightmare...

I think we should have more dreams. They're $cript supportable and can be easily player written.

Why not a dream machine that can give you some kind of bonus when you sleep with it?

What I'm getting too is that...

There should some viable way of getting inside someone's dreams. I mean...the brain is the coolest hack of all.

Umm, discuss or whatever maybe.


Say you find a sleeper, you hookup your machine to them and port in, you can cause like...jams in their cyberware or something, force them to see what you want them to see when they wake up...

And I'm serious, I like :)

I don't like. :(

As the resident doc in the game, I think it's more fucked up to wake up without your cybernetics installed, and you -haven't- been clone killed.