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Hiding security gear

When installing devices, does the option to "hide" the device factor in the Stealth skill of the character doing the installation?

If not, I think it should.

I'd heard that It did, but I've seen pretty much any immy be able to find any piece of installed gear anywhere. Sounds like a great idea to me.
I think that making security gear harder to detect is not an ideal scheme. I could see a stealth check to be be able to hide it at all, though that can create problems with some gear where there is no 'not hidden' description.

I have seen the same with immies being able to find it without an issue.


What problem do you see it creating?

From my perspective, it allows further differentiation between techs. I

t also opens up more avenues for success. Maybe a tech doesn't have a tech skill high enough to keep their gear from being pulled down, but if they can hide it well enough then they could still be useful.

Also I think that one of the current tools in the game could be updated to help locate well hidden devices. Maybe not to the point of being able to Uninstall or deface them, but at least to know that the device is there.

That knowledge of the device being there, combined with the upcoming hacking / grid integration would mitigate the benefits of well hidden devices.

I could also see this being implemented in a way that allows characters to work together. A similar example would be a certain type of cloth that requires two different skills to create. You can have both skills, or two people can watch being one to the table to do it.
*can work together. Mf autocorrect