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I think it would be neat idea to have a daily/weekly horoscope read on one of the channels.

Maybe invent a whole new futuristic/cyberpunk horoscope?

It would be a nice chit-chat topic in RP.

Plus the admins can pick one of us by our b-day and make a horrible/lucky event based on our sign. :)

"She seems to be a bitch.."

"Nah, she's a Scorpgian. And the moons are totally fuckin' em' over this week."

Just something that crossed my mind. :)

So... what's stopping you from RPing this?

Pretty much what @villa said.

This sounds like a lovely thing for you to create for yourself in-game, and maybe make some money from it too!

A list of things that I need more of in my Cyberpunk RP:

Astrological signs and horoscopes

Chain letters


Crystal healers

Tarot card readings


Ghost hunters

Homeopathic medicine

Invisible sky wizards

Magnetic wrist bands

Holy water

Virgin births and immaculate conception

And perhaps most importantly:

Idiots who put any weight in the above things so I can use it to sucker them right out of their money.

So, what are you waiting for? Start believing and handing over your chyen!

There're fortune cookies.

Oooooooohhh! I wonder if they're misfortune cookies, who's fortunes really come true like in that episode of the Twilight Zone!

'Your food is poisoned.'

' is lying to you.'

'You are going to die.'

ShinMojo wrote: Oooooooohhh! I wonder if they're misfortune cookies, ...

Imo, there *has* been "misfortune" cookies IC'ly.

There's stuff on that around.

Interesting (mis)fortunes sometimes. You can keep the ribbons too.