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IC/OOC Message For SCF Iso-Cubes?
Throwing Newer Players a Bone

I'm not sure if this is currently implemented, and if it is, please just ignore this.

On other Mud forums I've seen people talking about their first experience in SD, or I guess, their second experience in SD, of waking up in a locked room. Regular characters know this is a consequence of sleeping in public, but newer players may not be familiar with this mechanic and expect to *pop* back out of existence. When they wake up they may think they're being punished or something.

If we don't already have it, could there be some messaging IC/OOC to let them know why they're there? Like you wake up in the room and it says [OOC] You were likely brought here because you fell asleep in a public location, and were moved here to protect your character. Do x to leave this place.

Or it could be IC: A giant sign on the wall says "Don't fall asleep in public! You will be charged with vagrancy and confined. (Do x) to leave this room. Obey the LAW.

Once again, if this is already present, please disregard. I asked on xgame a few times but never heard if it was a thing already, and I don't have access to this zone.

I'm suggesting this because it could possibly sour the experience for someone to be confined without knowing the reason why. Knowing why can turn that into a completely different experience.

First time it happened to me I thought I got locked up for my thuggin baller ass crimes when I was asleep.

I think it's a good idea.

There are multiple warnings not to sleep in public during character creation and entering the dome, but that being said I do support this idea, as I feel like SD's learning curve is a bit too steep at the start.
If it will help retain players, I'm all for it.
I also support this idea. I can only imagine how jarring this would be as a new player, even with all the warnings. I could see myself going, "eh fuck it," too and never logging in again if it happened to me. The OOC message would make it clear that the warnings in the beginning are not exaggerations.
Can someone who has gone through this respond with some suggested messaging that we show in the room? Similar to the ooc message in the coffin room but perhaps a bit longer.
"Citizen, you have been processed for the crime of vagrancy. You are now free to leave, please contact a member of WCS for directions to suitable future accommodation."

+bonus OOC message about examining the door?

I was thinking more an OOC message as there is a lot of noise when you first connect and the message could be missed.
I've never been in there, but I'll take a crack at it:

[OOC] ATTENTION: You have likely been placed in this zone because you disconnected in a public location and were moved here by player characters for safe-keeping. You have not broken any rules, but you should find a safe place to disconnect in the future to avoid being brought here again. You may exit by (add here, I don't know how this works).

I'm not sure if ISO cubes are still used for regular prisoner confinement. If not, then the "Have likely" can be removed from the sentence above.

This is all set.
💚 Slither!! 😁