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Identifying weapons

I'd love it so if you look at a weapon but you have insufficient ranks on it you can't identify it.

"a pistol is here" if it's on the floor, rather than a "Seburo Compact".

Same for knives, your average housewife can't likely tell a wakizashi from a katana.

Sure, some people willingly RP this, and that's awesome and commendable, but maybe this can be a thing too?

That would be great, especially due to the bugs with sniping and seeing the weapons from a distance. "Oh, that sound of the whizzing bullets from the next room over tells me Im getting shot at by a Glock 20." is a bit meta.
It would also make characters who are pros at munitions have some extra cool factor.

Solo: "We're being shot at by a sniper!"

Expert: "Bah, that's not a sniper. It's too small a calibre."

I love that, and then it opens the opportunity of specialist traders for knives, swords, whatever, and the potential to get scammed.
It'd be a little weird for a grizzled solo to not recognize weapons like katanas, Mk. 23s and AKSs that they've encountered over and over in their fights.

Maybe if the generic names were a little granular, IE so you see 'revolver' instead of just 'pistol' or 'shotgun' instead of 'rifle'.

I can tell a hatchet from a pipe wrench despite not being able to use either. Skill in Sindome is not knowledge, it's aptitude.
I agree with Vera.

Say you have no melee skill, since literally everything can be used as a weapon....phew

Seems like an RP thing rather than something that needs or should be hardcoded.