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Improved eject for cab players
Equality for all!

I think it would be neat if PC's in cabby roles could eject passengers in the BACK seat the same way NPC cab drivers do.

It doesn't make sense for a driver to place themselves in harms way by getting into the back of a cab and attempting to boot a uncooperative fare. Thoughts?

I thought that you could 'BOOT' people in the backseat out?

The only way you can attempt to boot a fare is to get in the back of the cab with them and forcibly throw them out.

I actually think that it is fine the way it is. If anything I'd prefer it if NPC taxi drivers would get out of the cab, get into the back and boot the player. Make it more like the PC experience. But I understand why it's not.

To be honest, my limited experience with cars in SD have left me with the feeling that they are overpowered (of course I have VERY limited experience with them). I'd rather not make the driver of a taxi or other vehicle yet harder to touch.

How are cars powerful? If NPC taxi drivers can boot out fares that don't pay then PC's in a service role should be able to do the same. I'm not implying every single car should get this feature now.

I don't see NPC's going through extra work/hassle to boot out a fare who won't pay/leave when it's as simple as hitting the eject button. That's extra coding when code I'm asking for already exists. All I'm asking is that it be implemented for PC cabs too.

Oh, it's 2093:

I agree with Grey. Vehicles and taxi's in particular are rather overpowered. NPC cabs have an eject function to prevent player abuse. PC cabs lack it for the precise same reason. It's already easy to trap someone regardless of there skills/stats as a PC cabbie and encouraging them to utilize another PC/NPC to assist with backseat shenanigans seems worthwhile.

The eject function PC's have isn't to prevent abuse, it's to kick out fares who don't pay. Why shouldn't cabby PC's get this? I could argue that an eject feature would also lead to more RP. *wink wink*

Compare the risk involved in being a Taxi driver with other jobs. Even as it stands (no back seat eject option) driving a taxi is arguably safer than tending bar, delivering pizza, delivering crates, factory work, playing a medic or doctor. Most every other job involves you being in the same accessible space as your customer. This puts you at risk. Not so much with taxis as I have gathered.

Beyond that look at the power a character gives a taxi driver. They get in the back of a cab and they are largely at the whim of that taxi driver. They get locked in. They can't really DO anything to my knowledge until the doors are unlocked. Except yell and feed the driver more chy.

All this would do is allow a weak character to override a more powerful character. You can still create RP. If a character won't pay, your character gets in their face. Your character threatens, beats and whatever else. But in a way that puts them at some level of risk. Maybe you get your ass kicked and now you avoid driving for them ever again. Maybe you kick their ass and now they have a way to get revenge. I don't see how removing most all risk from the driver increases RP...

Again, this is all based on my very limited experience with taxis and other vehicles.

Oh... And ReeferMadness's idea about recruiting other players is awesome. Find a combat oriented player with the stats needed to forcibly eject and beat down a non-paying fare. Someone refuses to pay, call your goon and have then come over and deal with it. More RP for all!

So the argument that PC cabbies should not get an automated fare ejection system that NPC's have's not fair? This is Sindome. It's not a fair game.

Then again, if a fare does not want to pay, I can think of plenty of creative ways to ensure they regret their poor life choices. This is why we should be able to hit people with vehicles.

a change like this would make it so that no one ever used a cab again lol

Vehicles are OP.

Let's not make them more OP.

How are vehicles OP when they're expensive?

The price isn't much of a barrier for what vehicles do.

The barrier for becoming a cab driver is nonexistent.

the ideas forum was a mistake

Maybe there should be a bigger barrier for being a cabbie then? Like having to pay for fuel, etc. I don't know.

Most people with vehicles (other than cabbies) are corpies, and they don't TEND to go on a killing spree, because of the consequences that would follow.

What's your point, Evie? The whole thread has derailed from its original purpose. This feature would be overpowered beyond realism, there also needs to be balancing in the game. When you try to eject someone in the front seats, there are actual stats dice rolls to determine your success or failure, the same should be for back seat ejecting: in other words, leave it as it is.

Alright, forget about it. Just had some thoughts about what people were saying and thought I'd share them.

Also, I don't think the ideas forum was a mistake, Vera. I just think as long as it stays civilized and polite, there'll be few problems. It's just ideas, after all.