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Improving access to 'help filesystem'
Referential Links

help filesystem is an excellent help file. It is concise, informative, but does not give too much away and leaves it up to the player to discover the nuances.

Given that filesystems are going to be a key component of more and more systems in the years ahead, I think that it needs to be more accessible.

I was at a loss for how to use the new e-notes and only found 'help filesystem' after having a recollection of it being mentioned in one of the monthly Updates and Improvements threads.

There are a couple of ways that I think it could be more accessible.

1. List it at the end of 'examine' for e-notes

2. When a player types an incorrect command, include it in command hints.

For example, if I type

ls \ with pri

The MOO returns

I don't understand that. [try 'examine me', 'examine here' or 'examine ' for more help]

Searching Command Hints ...

say say something outloud. See also Help Speaking

install installs an object in the current room Requires a specific toolbelt.

uninstall uninstalls an object in the room Requires a specific toolbelt.

@stats view your current skills and stats


It would be great if 'help filesystem' were suggested as a command hint.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Prompts for the help file have been added.