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In pain status
just a thought

There are several statuses in the game that affect speech. I would like to propose adding 'in pain' as one of them. That way, like the other speech affecting statuses, you don't need to intentionally affect your speech, but rather the game will alter it for you. This obviously wouldn't cover every situation, but would have your back in the event that you're in a fast paced scene in which your character takes a shotgun blast, and you as a player simply...slip.
If you've ever been in intense pain irl, you know it can get to the point where it's hard to fucking talk through it.

Plus, this'd kinda do a lot for atmosphere and stuff. I'm 100% for being damaged over a certain threshold also affecting speech, as well as a few other things.

Doesn't it already do this via fatigue?
yeah, this is basically already a thing
Someone can be on the brink of death and still be pretty good fatigue wise
Fine as is.