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Interactable Hotel Rooms
It'd be cool!

So, I'm new here and I recently got a Habitat-X Cube room.. I noticed that you couldn't examine anything, and that all the stuff in the room weren't actual objects... You couldn't use the oven or the bed or the fridge that pops out, you could only use the room 'shower' option for the shower... I couldn't look at the buttons or at the control panel that it says is on the wall, etc.

I feel like having these objects be interactable items would be a lot more immersive. I might even write up some scripts for you once I look over how your scripting works a little more.

Push the yellow button.
I did. I pressed all the buttons. It's still much less impressive than having the room actually interactable would be.
Understood. If you're seeking something more impressive - you would do well to acquire a better residence such as a apartment, etc....or purchase amenities for your hotel room...
No no no. I'm not talking about impressiveness in regards to the shitty room, I'm talking in interactiveness with the room. There's a lot of rooms in the game where things aren't objects you can look at even though they're things that would make the game much more immerssive.

I'm talking about being impressed with the immerssiveness of the game and the rooms, not impressiveness of the room itself.

Like the SIC ad thread, I think this comes back to return on investment of GM time.

I respect the desire for an immersive hotel room with buttons that do 'things' and so on... But! I would rather have an immersive common area and people out RP'ing it than diddling with their EasyBake oven or whatever.

If someone else (such as I) wrote the scripts for them to change slightly and implement, I don't think it'd take a huge investment of time like you make it seem.
Cubes are supposed to be shitholes and not entertaining.
How did you get the fridge to pop up?
I'm not sure simple Babbleon scripts would be the answer. Sounds more like code. I agree I'd rather see resources applied to people not being in their hotel rooms. If the description has something, poses and emotes can be used to interact with it just fine. .walk over to the edge of the shitty bed and .sit down. (Mythologique walks over to the edge of the shitty bed and sits down.) @look_place me is sitting on the edge of the shitty bed. The immersion can be in your brain. That said, you can also feed the fish. Enjoy.
I'd rather see resources applied to people not being in their hotel rooms.


I could code something which will make you really, really not want to be in there while conscious. Quadruple the TV ads?

Quadruple the TV ads?

Yes please, and ambient messages about loud people in neighboring cubes and such. Insects and smells and bangs and screams!

Make staying in a cube while conscious terrible!