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Your should be worn underneath your jumpsuit.

It may be me being a dumbass, but it feels like being able to wear things overtop would be one of the best and most attracting traits of an armored jumpsuit. And while it being without allowance for other armors overtop makes total sense, but I think it would make much more sense for tailored clothing to be acceptable overtop, both to conceal and just for genuine style purposes IC.
I think it should require special type of clothing made specifically for that reason. Call it needing to tailor it well enough so it won't get ruined by contact with armor, have enough spare place, padding etc.
I don't even mean that. I mean just, normal stock items. Can't wear a a baggy, three sizes too big pair of sweats on that skin tight leather suit? Yeah sounds normal.
Wearable over thick Items:

tie, coat, labcoat, topcoat, overcoat, longcoat, greatcoat, browncoat, trenchcoat, jacket, trench, boots, cane, umbrella, robe, blindfold, bikini, habit, muumuu, hawaiian, bolero, apron, scrubs, shawl, scarf, bathrobe, armband, necktie, obi, cummerbund, belt, duster, veil, parka and balaclava

(source BGBB, 2015)

But why is a leather suit that is skin tight so thicc I can't wear a windbreaker over it?

because leather is considered a thick item because of how much @coverage it has, and it's armor (i think)
Is the wearable over stuff not been changed since there was armor stacking abuse? just something i seem to remember from somewhere on the board.
There are plenty of tailored items that your character can acquire to 'hide' armor beneath.

Someone was nice enough to post a list of them here in this thread.

OH meaning you can tailor shit that is that. That makes more sense now. Still weird you can't wear pants though.