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Language notification
Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from Seven

Back before languages were really implemented, it told you what language was being spoken, after you spoke it like Bob says, "How are you?" in mixmash. It would help if there was still something like that.. Cause people do forget alot.

And if your character didn't recognize the languard being spoken? Adding that little tag always bugged me, because IC'ly if you'd never heard the language before how would you know it to be any given language?  I think the systems fine as it is. :)

It happens all the time on the MOO, it's just OOC info.  Most of the time you can guess what language there speakin' by what they look like, asian/hispanic/whatever.

l bob

bob is a clown.  He has red hair, and blue eyes.
bob is holding nothing.
bob is in excellent condition.

Now, if a character didn't know bobs name, how would he know the name to look at him?  Plus, isn't it possible to just notify the player of what language there speaking.  Like the new weapons thing?

Ahh but that's not what Seven was asking for, albeit just more OOC spam I could see that, or you could just type "speak english" before you starting talking if you needed to be sure to speak english. The weapons things was because there was so many variables that switched what weapon you where using. �

Bob the goat nija is holding a McChikken Cajun Sandwich and a katana.
Joe the camel herder spits on Bob the goat nija.
Bob the goat ninja rushes joe the camel herder and swings his McChikken Cajun sandwich though the air with little hope of hitting.

(Edited by Bixby at 1:05 pm on May 22, 2004)

I thought Bob was a ninja goat... not goat ninja....

It might not be what he was asking for, but its a comprimise.  Something that just told the player what language that was being spoken, and could be turned on or off, just like the weapons thingy.  I think that would work well.

I will be integrating it into the *voice* portion of speech. Thats why it was removed from the other section, I needed to apply it universally to all speech and the other way didn't address that.

Oh.. is that why it doens't happen with cellphones and stuff now?

Anywhere you've previously seen *in a <blah blah> voice*, you can now see what language is being spoken, according to your comprehension of language.

Would it be possible to see that localy?  Like when you say something it says, You say, "*Speaking English, in a blah blah voice* Hello."

Yes, and it works like a charm!

NPCs are now a little smarter when it comes to languages. If you speak to them in a language they feel they know enough about to speak back to you in, they will automatically do so.

We will be tweaking which npcs know which languages over the coming weeks.

Grunen should definently be fluent in MixMash, without a doubt.

Dude, lets not state the obvious man.  They don't need -you- of all people telling them stuff they -already- know.

Arg!  I still wanna be able to see it localy!  I always forget what i'm speaking!  


And my what voice i'm speaking in!  Thats always embarrasing.


(Edited by Nemisis at 11:05 pm on June 7, 2004)

Yeah, like that time you forgot to reset it after imitating that one chick over the phone....

Disclaimer: No an actual reference to IC events, just making fun of Nemisis.

Technical difficulties are in the way of letting you see what you voice is like at the time being.

On a slightly related topic, AVOID trying to use two sets of speech in a single pose or emote:

.grin at Sam and .say, "Yeah, I know!" as I .walk toward the door, turning to finish, "See ya later."

That just won't work right at all. The other person will see:
Bob grins at you and says, "See ya later." as he walks toward the door, turning to finish, "See ya later."

You'll notice that the quotes -will- look RIGHT to YOU, but they won't look right to others. We're part way through a fix for those of you who like to use two sets of quoted text.

Difficult how?  Code wise, or what it should look like wise?

You'll notice that the quotes -will- look RIGHT to YOU, but they won't look right to others. We're part way through a fix for those of you who like to use two sets of quoted text.

This bug is now fixed and you can have TWO sets of quoted speech in your emotes and poses. I won't support a 3rd because it's not worth the slow down to all other uses of pronouns on the entire MOO. :)