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Your clothes stink

To my knowledge the only way to clean your clothes is to shower with them on. Laundromats on Red and Green would give players a way to solve this. Those with more disposable income and space could even purchase and have a washer installed like furniture or wall screens.

Above all though, going to your local laundromat and waiting for your clothes to get cleaned would be a great way to run into some RP.

Yes yes, let's clean those blood stained clothes...nothing to see here *innocent whistle*

Heh, anyhow, sounds like a fun idea actually, wouldn't be bad to see it in-game.

I'd love to see this. I'd take clothes that weren't even code wise dirty there just to be part of my character's routine and potentially meet new peeps!

my character would wash all his clothes at the same time.

We have quick clean booths for this, don't we?

A quick kleen booth is a small cramped space where you're basically taking a shower in a urinal. We're asking for someplace you take -not worn- clothing to put in a machine to clean and have a place to meet up and RP. You don't even have to -code- anything, just build us a laundromat on the grid and we can RP washing out clothes!

Shower in a port a pottie.*

It's a cyberpunk RPG. we're getting a bit far into the tediousness of every day life at this point. If you guys can come up with a compelling reason to have it, sure -- but is there a reason the existing places to meet up and RP, aren't working?