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Your clothes stink

To my knowledge the only way to clean your clothes is to shower with them on. Laundromats on Red and Green would give players a way to solve this. Those with more disposable income and space could even purchase and have a washer installed like furniture or wall screens.

Above all though, going to your local laundromat and waiting for your clothes to get cleaned would be a great way to run into some RP.

Yes yes, let's clean those blood stained clothes...nothing to see here *innocent whistle*

Heh, anyhow, sounds like a fun idea actually, wouldn't be bad to see it in-game.

I'd love to see this. I'd take clothes that weren't even code wise dirty there just to be part of my character's routine and potentially meet new peeps!
my character would wash all his clothes at the same time.
We have quick clean booths for this, don't we?
A quick kleen booth is a small cramped space where you're basically taking a shower in a urinal. We're asking for someplace you take -not worn- clothing to put in a machine to clean and have a place to meet up and RP. You don't even have to -code- anything, just build us a laundromat on the grid and we can RP washing out clothes!
Shower in a port a pottie.*
It's a cyberpunk RPG. we're getting a bit far into the tediousness of every day life at this point. If you guys can come up with a compelling reason to have it, sure -- but is there a reason the existing places to meet up and RP, aren't working?
I'll bring this thread back from the dead. Someplace or object for cleaning clothes of other dirty items should be a thing. Not like a cyberpunk future would forget how to wash clothes. I have been to a lot of MUDs in my life and frankly this is the first one I have been on with code to dirty or bloody clothes that does not have an object (soap or waster), or place (actual MOBs that charge to wash things like a laundromat) to clean them.
Further idea for this. Allow a player character to work there, maybe a tailor type. Give them possibly some better way to repair clothes, perhaps. Easier to really get rid of those repaired messages, like it's a professional clothing repair method. And, if you go and get your clothes cleaned and pressed there, perhaps it adds a small appearance/cha boost while wearing for a set timer dependent on skill of the cleaner, or a set time of lesser benefit if a character does it themself at a washing machine.
The ability to make seamless patches is really needed... I hate that you have to risk custom clothing getting really fucked up and once it gets cut/shot, it's basically ruined.
Essentially, I would love to see, say, a player able to lease the laundromat on Red or work there that you read about in ads, and maybe a professional dry cleaners etc on an upper sector like gold where professionals can detail suits, improve the look of their customers, and sell custom works perhaps Another even older thread FYI.

I agree with Slither, and will echo his sentiment with the additional detail that we have extremely important locations available for tailors to lease and potentially work out that are largely ignored to great penalty of an entire skill group.

I could only ever see laundromats truly mattering if showers no longer cleaned clothes. This would probably open up new vectors of being outside in the corporate world instead of being nestled safely in a weapon-checked club or deep in the bowels of a corporate tower. But, that's a long shot, because clothes are rarely bloody topside anyways.

This sounds silly, but you'd need to rework the mechanics around the cleanliness of clothes entirely in order to make this something that offers movement and life to the game world. I could definitely see corpies hiring mixers to go run their laundry, or going out and doing it themselves, and that would be neat, but I'm not sure if it would be considered worth the time and effort to build new spaces and overhaul the existing systems.

If I could see people on the street occasionally splashed by a passing car and dirtying their suit, not only could I laugh my ass off as a mixer, but they will need to go get it cleaned or look like some greaseball at work
Yes, I agree with there not really being a good enough soiling system to support more than characters rinsing off. What is there isn't really balanced around there being different types of weapons/combat, and is mostly a color thing... a really annoying color thing when situations arise where rinsing clothes is disabled for plot reasons.

I find object wear and tear and other types of item deconditioning or degradation to be very annoying though personally, so that heavily influences my opinion on it.

"If I could see people on the street occasionally splashed by a passing car and dirtying their suit, not only could I laugh my ass off as a mixer, but they will need to go get it cleaned or look like some greaseball at work."

Actually, you can! Sort of! It's a different system than @blood_description and the circumstances are not quite what you're describing but the effect is similar. I am sure there are omissions but pretty much any activity that would reasonably dirty a character through doing it, does so. There is even two different elements of uncleanliness that are progressed and shown differently.

There is uncleanliness in general, but the only cleanliness that pertains to clothing is blood. General grime only applies to the player character and doesn't actually dirty clothes in any way that would interact with a laundry mechanic, which is why I say it'd require an overhaul to be viable.
Isn't this something that could be RPed as existing to get the same outcome? Ambiently, there are laundries out there, and people running laundry. Nothing's stopping you from giving an immigrant your clothes and saying 'clean these and bring them back to me'. Some of the best RP people have in this game is BS that isn't coded or doesn't exist.
Oh I agree, I just mean characters can (and do) get dirtied by passing cars and other aspects of daily city life, they might just not notice. How they want to roleplay around that is up to them to use as a potential hook to engage with someone else (or not), which is more or less the ideal in my mind.
A way to clean clothes and a place for RP sounds fine and if it's decided that's worth the build time, I've no objections to that part.

Making clothes get dirty more often, removing the shower's ability to clean and similar are less interesting to me. I'm not a huge fan of item maintenance and the like. That's a personal preference though.

As far as a place for people to run into and RP... I think it SOUNDS great but, based on other experiences, I doubt it will turn out as some envision. I've had characters spend huge stretches of time (up to 8 hours in a stretch) in Gyms, at pools, in food courts, at arcades, in pool hallls and more. I can't recall a single chance encounter. I can easily engineer an encounter about 1 out of 3 times but chance encounters very rarely happen.

Granted, one could argue people don't have reason to venture to those places outside of RP and by making visits to a laundromat essential for clean clothes, there is reason to visit those. But I've even had characters in clinics/ERs for hours with no chance encounters. They happen now and then but they don't occur as regularly for me as some might expect.

If players aren't going out to RP in the fairly large selection of locations we have now, I'm not sure why laundromats would be different outside of the the first few weeks when everyone's excited to explore the new thing. I'm not saying that this is guaranteed to be the outcome but I think it's likely enough that I personally would rather see staff effort put into other things before this.