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Lemme take a Selfie
'take selfie with camera'

Selfies! I wanna take a selfie with a camera. That way it captures me and everyone else behind me. 'shoot me with photo' doesn't always capture the area. Sometimes you wanna be able to show you really were somewhere without having to fill it in with your lookdesc for the picture.


Isn't this, quite literally, the 'shoot here with camera'? It captures you, and the whole area, and all its occupants. You don't want to fill it in with your @lp, so you want it to just say that your character is taking a selfie automatically?

Just sounds like muddling up the pose when what you want is already obtainable with current commands.

Shoot here doesn't capture the person taking the picture, does it?
Currently it doesn't, sadly.
Selfie stick-allows you to take your selfies and doubles as a midlevel melee weapon.
I have tested this, you can take a selfie with camera. Just 'shoot here with camera'
Is it changed so you show up in your own pics now? Nice.