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Minor changes?

Luck is a cool thing but if you have it turned on while you use the Grid for basic stuff, it goes off a bunch and you can easily burn a bunch of luck points that way. The same goes for driving, though I suspect when it pings there it's probably still doing you some good somehow.

If it could be auto-activated in combat via a setting or if basic seemingly unfailable stuff like checking your gridmail could not burn luck, that'd be neat.

If there was a way to @luck on or @luck off instead of the command only being able to toggle it, you could write @macros for activating in combat pretty easily without the risk of turning it off instead. I'd be happy with that if we absolutely needed stuff like logging into the Grid to be a skill check that might burn it.
Or even an ability to toggle in specifically to a certain skill?
Luck specifically keyed to specific kills would be amazing. Is it too meta?
I think it's way too meta and exploitable and could run into unexpected issues. I jist don't want to burn all my luck checking gridmails, nothing complex!