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Make Chrome need Repairs
Cybertechs = Chrome Medics`

So, this may be a bug but given that it has happened enough times that I think it needs to be brought up for discussion.

Cybernetics, when damaged, get special 'wounded' descriptors differing from what skin does. However, they self heal over a period of time linked to your various health stats probably.

I am proposing that chrome does not heal without intervention by a cybertechnician or additional emergency technical aid. Not only would it add to fun cybernetic scarring after battles and the like, but I think it would push more business toward cybertechnicians and make the role more appealing on a reliable basis instead of occasionally.

Make a simple Emergency Cybernetics Repair kit that equates to a medpak for cybertechs, then the more expensive tools can be used for full repairs. Just spitballing, but self healing chrome has been a pet peeve of mine for ages because it heals so quickly I can barely even RP around having a giant gash across my cybernetic face, or a dented cybernetic arm.

I always assumed it did, but the damage had to be segnificant enough to require it to be repaired. And cyberdocs repair cyber gear currently not cyber techs, it goes off diffent skill sets (this is in the patch notes so not delving into IC)

I do not disagree though, I personally want more RP around cyber breakdowns, but from my IC experience, those that have had to deal with the coded cyber breakdowns have seen it as a frustration IC at least. So I am not sure whether it is done for balance reasons, or that cosmetic cyberware breakdowns is unfair vs the advantages of cosmetic cyberware.

Still, I never shy away more stuff for the medical community to do :) !

Cybernetics repair shouldn't be a cyberdoc skill.

It should 100% be a cyber technician job. I realize that there is reasoning in place as to why it isn't, but it should be changed.

As it is right now, there's so little identity to the job that I don't know why anyone would want to do it as an actual career. Insert decking joke here.

Make cybertechs relevant and great. It's super themely!

Also the whole idea of going to the cyber mechanic to get all fixed up really appeals to me, thematically. Weld me up, chum.
I agree, but I believe it is based around the skill checks involved at present as well as the design of the two positions.

Cybertechs are to my understanding the software

Cyberdocs are the hardward

Now if that is not the case, either my understanding or how they are portrade needs to be adjusted.

Still to keep it on topic, regardless of who repairs it, I do think cyberware damage/repairs could be a bit more expansive.


Exactly. Interdependence is good. Going to a redneck cybertech who spits chewin' 'baccer into a used parts bin and getting your arm fixed is heckin' theme.

Maybe if we get some cybertechs interested in the job, we could expand cyberlimbs to be able to take some basic armoring, and perhaps lowering any possible baked-in armor values they may or may not already have.


The issue is that one of the two jobs has 95% of the work and the other one gets 5% of the work. Staff might have more future state plans for cybertech than what they get right now, so the point might be moot, but as it is, I don't see why anyone would play one as opposed to just dropping in a @RP.

It would be cool if customermizable visual cyberwave was treated similiarly to clothing in a sense you can repair it, you can see the repair and it degrades visually with each repair before it is beyond repair.

So you could have for example a limb that is all patched up with various scraps, coating materials etc.

Rather than every cyber limb (with nakeds you cant edit) looking pristine and shiny and new.


I totally agree, cybertechs architype needs to be expanded upon, but it will likely take a lot of time. Given that even long established architypes are yet to be fully fleshed out, or even fairly fleshed out.

I suspect there is going to be a lot of expansion to the role, but it might not be in cyberrepair specifically.

It might come in the form of further optimisation and tuning options, as well as perhaps modifications and.. my favourate thing, black market fabrication.


This already exists as a system. Cyberware already gets damaged. The 'wound' system is a completely different, unrelated, cosmetic system that does not interface with the cybernetic damage system.

Repairs already exist. It shows up as readouts in visual overlays, clinics, and debugging kits. And is repaired by special tools that already exist in game. I would say I could make it happen more frequently, but you really don't want that.

It is a very nasty system that comes up sometimes, and that is good enough.

@MirageGM wrote,

I would say I could make it happen more frequently, but you really don't want that.

It is a very nasty system that comes up sometimes, and that is good enough.

I know a lot of us played Shadowrun at some point in our lives.

My experience with the SR cyber damage system was that if you really followed it to the letter, it happened pretty frequently and it was a major PITA.

IIRC it was every Serious wound required a check and Deadly wounds were pretty much a guarantee that at least one piece of ware would probably take some damage. Alpha, Beta and Delta ware were more resistant to initial damage, but more costly to fix if they did get damaged.

(Not to confuse / overlap game systems. Just saying that a similar system was a PITA.)