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Make Cortex Bombs MESSY

So, given the nature of cortex bombs, I think they should leave behind a bloody mess like bleeding (or even a new, different mess) for clean up.

Additionally, I think it would be fun if the activation of one got people in the room with them dirty, for more RP fun, given the...messy nature of the description.

I would like to jump on the Cortex Bomb bandwagon and ask that they also render a corpses @face and @head @nakeds an unrecognizable pulp.
Yes, yes, and hell yes! Make them super traumatizing to witness.
Everyone in the same room gets every article of clothing covered in blood effects.

Go full Scanners on that bad boy.

On a related subject, "torso bombs" a la the original Syndicate game on the PC would be dope as hell.

"Oh. You've been invited to the opening party, board meeting, event with my enemy?"

Tee Hee.

It would be cool to see Cortex bombs being more accessable to bring about the old. Black bag, force install bomb, 'you do as we say or we explode you' cliche.

A Sindome based suicide squad would be pretty sweet.

OH and more gooooore is always better :D

They're pretty easily obtained by certain people.

I don't know the messaging for Cortex Bombs. If it's just a small internal explosion, I'm not sure it would make a mess like that on other people. But a head explosion would be something.