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Material scavenging
let's make it interesting

So, I've been mulling over some tailoring design ideas, and in my musings I had a thought which might turn out to be pretty cool if we could implement it right. Anyways, it goes like this:

I know of a place currently in-game where one can bring certain carcasses to a certain vendor and receive payment. My thoughts are to expand on this concept but in a different market. What if players were able to actually seek out certain animals and such to hunt for their pelts, these pelts would be nothing more than the materials used for tailoring, and would open up a market for hunters/poachers, more badlands rp and trade, and wickedly cool stories about just how that prized hat came to be. Just starting to form this idea, so I don't have much else atm, but any thoughts, questions, suggestions?

I recently saw a pair of gloves that made me think something similar. They were named for a specific beast known for roaming the badlands. Whether the were actually made from the hide of one or not, I do not know, but if it is possible to make it so they were that would be fucking epic.

And the badlands would be a -great- place to start developing more for players to do, to entice people out of their cubes and into the wilds for some solo or group RP. The possibility of group hunting would also be awesome. Someone with high perception being able to notice wild animals/beast from more rooms away without using binoculars or scopes. To encourage bringing a scout along, even if they aren't combat efficient, and someone with medical skill to skin the dead animal precisely as to not damage the pelt or hide.

The concept of harvesting animal skins to use for tailoring could be interesting but only if these skins provided actual in-game use i.e. better armor stats than miscellaneous dynafiber.

Therein lies potential for abuse so dropping of said items would need to be controlled and suddenly we sound a lot like a mud...

One thing should be noted here though. USE OF THE ARTISTRY SKILL. By far the most under used in-game skill.

I get the concern with abuse, but lets be honest, we're talking about stalking -dune dragons- and such to retrieve a -single- pelt from their corpse after you -kill- it. In the -badlands-. How many characters in their first six months are capable of handling that feat? So that being said, the characters who -are- capable of -farming- these materials in an abusive manner, more likely than not have no need to do so because they have progressed beyond chyen grinding to pay their rent.
Sorry , but why would this skin need to be better armor than actual armor? How is it that armor made from beasts out in the wild, made by someone has better protection than what people can make in the industry who have been researching said industry for 75 years ? I mean , we dumped leather armor as an alternative to kevlar (and fullplate) about 500 years ago.

Could this not just be a fashion statement like most of the animal skins worn current day?

You have your fake dune dragon / rad scorpion / park dog piece of clothing , made from the normal pieces of material. And the real dune dragon skin piece of clothing , made from real dune dragon. It should show in the increase of value of said piece of clothing. Just like you have fake fox fur and fake mink in real life.

And it should be all the rage in gold. Its something that is unusual , pretty darn expensive to get and something had to die a bloody death before you could wear it. preferably those 2 mixers you sent out to get that skin and the dune dragon in question. Hell , Juicy needs at least 2 of these to make it seem even more legit that he killed them himselves when he was down in red.

It could provide something to do for at least 4 people. The bitch in gold who wants her dune dragon something. The designer/tailor from gold who gets to make the dune dragon something. fixer who has to go down to red to get together at least a few people with half a brain, because like hell anybody from gold will bother asking something from someone in red, they handle real money for christs sake!. The few chummers that actually get stuck with the job of killing the beast on top of the guy that has survival experience and knows how to survive and skin the beast.

For added fun, consider making the skin contraband or make players pay in import fee (BRIBE) when bringing the skin back to the city. It might not be contraband, but i doubt anybody who has bothered smuggling an crocodile skin through customs had an easy time.

I stated it should be better armor than dynafiber which has no armor value. If it's going to be solely a fashion statement - what's to prevent someone from simply using dynafiber to create a "dune dragon" item?

Seems like a lot of work for something which is already do-able in-game with very little perks.

If you are talking about -actual- dune dragon skin, it should have at least decent armor rating against blades and melee weapons, maybe even a bit of fire resistance. while being not so good against bullets and explosions. Maybe have it be around the same armor rating as neXus, at least a step up from Du-Wear. That being specifically for the dune-dragon skin, other animals... like dogs and such, could be purely for show, the prices being higher as it is authentic fur, not that synthetic crap.

And it's not so much the statistics of what you can make the item into as much as it is to add another facet of RP to the game, specifically out into the baddies.