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Melee weapon customization
I call her Lucille

Okay so, what's cooler than a baseball bat? A baseball bat WITH BARBED WIRE!

What's more opposing than a madlad with a katana? A madlad with a GUARDLESS katana.

Here's what I'm thinking; Firearm modification is already a thing in game, and it's cool (Except for the one glaring flaw of mods being permanent) However, some people ain't about to run at you with their laser sighted poppop, some bakas are gonna come at you with melee weapons, or knives, or blades etc. So, why can't we customize those?

Why can't we remove the guards from katanas, to make them more heavily offensive, at the cost of losing some of their defensive capability, or slap some circular saw blades and chains on a baseball bat, making them deal more damage, in exchange for being heavier, and harder to hit with.

Got a sledgehammer? Cool. Got a sledgehammer with fucking spikes welded to its head? That's gonna suck to get hit with. How about switching the blade out on your machete so it's serrated, or swapping out other parts of your weapon, making them lighter, making them heavier, making you swing faster, or do more damage with them. There's a lot of untapped potential here, and I'd love to see people tweaking their beatysticks to be just a bit more beaty.

I couldn't find another thread for this, and I can imagine the balancing would be atrocious to manage, but it'd be a hella cool little bit of customization for your favorite tools.