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Memory chips
Information is power

So right now we all know your memory depends on a stat. My suggestion is to have memory modules, just like the ones for enotes, that can be inserted into a socket. (Maybe skillsoft?) that you can store pieces of IC info into, through memorize, and then they will show up in memory. Then anyone who has access to the chip can slot it in and access said memory.

I thought of this from the eye camera thread. I think it's pretty themely that people have these memory modules that carry important IC data that could be stolen/extracted.

*** Further suggestion - Deckers can encode this data on the memory chip, and then you will need another Decker to decode the memory chip to see the juicy information stored on it. SICIDs, corporate keys, phone numbers, anything you can think of! ***

One difference from e-notes would be that you obviously wouldn't be able to fit entire paragraphs of information in this memory chip, so it'd be more short and concise than using an e-note (and riskier).

Example usage -- pay someone to transfer the encoded datachip containing valuable corporate paydata to your Syndicate contact. It could get intercepted and extracted, you could get killed...

Think the new Cyberpunk 2077 cinematic trailer with the chip.

Data runners unite!

Could also be knocked out with trauma just like a skillsoft too.
Love that johny mnemonic vibe of it. Maybe this could use separate slots, much cheaper ones to be like "if you need to remember a lot, you have to buy it, and it's on price to move!".
Also to add something further, mnemonic couriers would be great non-combat low-mid level jobs for PCs as side biz - while also getting them IC connections through RP and stimulating the economy too, and paving the way for a lot of plots for enemies and allies alike to extract that data. Woo!
Ahh like from Slither's book! Yeah yeah. I really like this.