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Metalworking / Crafting
For those who like to work with their hands

This was briefly discussed in the game help channel, but I’d like to make a formal post for this idea. I believe a staff member suggested that this would fall under the artistry category.

The idea is basically that it would be great if there was an option for characters to make items, jewelry, and trinkets from various metals and precious materials. This would be great for things like glasses, but I can also imagine mixers wanting all kinds of odd little trinkets or jewelry (like a bullet necklace), and a crafts person eventually getting skilled enough to make fancy custom jewelry that corpies would love (‘Oh my beau had this handcrafted by Joe Baka’).

(I also found it amusing my phone tried to autocorrect ‘corpies’ to ‘corpses’. Mixer life!)
At the very least, add an item that is used to make such things. A metal of some sort to the list of materials that already exist specifically for jewelry.
On its way, search the site for 'jewelry'.
New job in the badlands; shi ska—-were miner. Yes, miner.
I think the potential for metalworking to allow high skill level artisans to create melee, short, and long blade would be amazing. Obviously, this would have to be a very complicated thing but not withstanding I think Johnny has mentioned jewelry materials as incoming in past announcements.

As for mining, I could go on a complete diatribe about how near orbit space mining could give fantastic jobs to pilots and explosives expert ala NeoTrans and have botched gigs fall into orbit around the dome for scavengers who watch the badlands skies at night. In fact, I did go on this diatribe in another post but I can't find it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I think there are balance and mechanical reasons for that not being a thing. That said, being a street samurai with a fuckin’ master crafted sword would be badass as fuck.