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missing skillsofts
Am I crazy/totally not seeing this or....

Okay, so I see why there isn't a theivery skillsoft, but dodge.. and stealth.  do these exist?  I really don't see any obvious reason why they shouldn't.
I've seen a disguise soft once.  But I agree with you, where the hell are the other skills?
I've just realized that I don't think I've seen an Auto Tech soft either.
I've seen autotech floatin' around.
I don't see any Auto_Tech softs, Tool...and if there is only one of them floating around that begs the question, WHY?
Can one of the GMs please explain the logic in the creation/distribution of skillsofts? Are certain skills really so powerful that you only let one person be decent (using a skillsoft) at a time?

And with auto specifically, you have shops now FULL of parts, a robust destruction and repair system, several NPCs that have good why the crap is it impossible for people to get repairs made to their vehicle?

Also, isn't the skill level set a bit too high? This goes for several skills, auto_tech included. For example, IRL it doesn't take huge amounts of auto knowledge to change a tire...but if your character buys a toolbelt and cranks away all day in a repair depot, they are still not going to be able to unbolt that tire. I'm not talking repair the tire here, I'm talking remove and replace with a new one. What's with that? Is there any way to fix/rebalance it?

I want to see more people using, and working on, vehicles. The current supply of softs, vehicle vests, and the skill levels required for basic tasks make that impossible. For the auto specialists out there - what will still set you out from the crowd is that you own the garage THEY need to work in, and you will be able to order better parts, recommend which car or which part will get better performance tailored to your customers' needs (security, durability, performance, style). Plus custom plates and paint jobs should be carried out through auto shops, methinks.

I can never find a vehicle security vest...and obviously, I don't have issues finding a mechanic. The skills aren't that highly required in my experience. You just need the appropriate stat also.

As a business owner, I'm normally in the position to hire any newbie mechanic and just put them to shop. This doesn't always work but I'm out there so I dunno.

Some tasks are harder then other on vehicles. I think the system is designed to prevent abuse and even now their are alot of ways vehicle theft can be abused to hell - which is why it's next to impossible on some vehicles with certain security systems.

I would assume that the mall would pretty much constantly have every skillsoft in stock Twere' RL.  Ive surely had trouble finding vital ones even still.