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Modes of Fire
Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from Mcgill

There should be a command that allows you to switch between Semi Auto and Auto modes of fire on weapons that support those modes. If there is allready a command, it should be made more obvious :p

For some reason I think there is.  Maybe I tried it once.  It might be switch to auto, or turn whatever to auto.. I dont think it says when you examine the gun.. but I really think theres a verb for it..

On the description for the H&K 10mm Autopistol I believe there is a switch that allows you to switch modes. But, like Nemisis said, there is no command for it when you examine.

Have you tired switch 10mm to auto
or something?

Yeah, dosn't work.

Any word on this topic?


There is a command to do that on certain weapons and it is quite visible in the examine, but it is not currently on the H&K 10mm Autopistol. Why? Well, that code wasn't around when that weapon was first made and I guess we forgot about it when the code was made available. Look for it in the future.

I was just browsing and re-came across this.

Just wanted to tackon there that the Autopistol isn't

Well, doing that would require a completely different skill being used.  The autopistol suddenly wouldn't be a pistol anymore, it would be the poor man's mp11.  And with it having an auto ability I would think its price would certainly double as compared to it being priced merely due to its caliber...

Yeah but the thing is I've seen them fire in automatic bursts before. Years ago, actually. And the Descp for the pistols themselves say it on there.

sure, why not jack up prices for it?

Dude, that would  still definately be a pistol.  Albeit one requiring a greater degree of strength and skill to operate, but a pistol nonetheless.   Much more valueable tho of course.

I don't think so Jotun.  The only thing that really seperates any weapon are the caliber of its bullet, its size, and the mechanism that operates it.  Basically they're all pretty much the same when you get down to what they do.  Cock, aim at thing you want to become less wind resistant, pull trigger.

Now, lets say you come up with an argument to counter that, I've got another.

We've currently the 6mm, two 9mm's, 10mm, two .357's, 11mm, and the .45.  That's pistols.

We have the MP11 for subs and that's pretty much it.  Now FS said there are others in the works and all but I'm only saying it would be easier I'd think to edit the ones that exist.  Make the lil sebbie an auto like the ten and stick them in the sub category.

I don't think anything considered a pistol, needs an automatic function.  That's my two cents.

Okay, you said: The only thing that really seperates any weapon are the caliber of its bullet, its size, and the mechanism that operates it.

1. The caliber of it's bullet.

Okay so this one is a bit odd because I'm pretty sure 10mm's don't really exist, and if they do their uncommon, but, a 10mm is considered a pistol now, so's an 11mm and a 13mm in Sindome.   The caliber of the bullet isn't going to change, so why should the classification?

2.  It's size.    

The actual size of the pistol's not going to change just by changing it's firing rate via code.  

3. the mechanism that operates it

Is also going to be -generally- the same.  Yes there would have to be small tweaks in the trigger mechanism if this were a real life full auto conversion, nothing that would make the trigger pull, or any other part of the weapon feel different until the 2nd and 3rd rounds fired and so on.  

I hate to play like I'm a know it all, but seriously, I have extensive firearms experience IRL.   I have shot a 3 round burst pistol, and a fully automatic one(tho admittedly the fully automatic one only shot in full auto due to a worn part)    The -only- difference between shooting a 2 weapons of the same calibur, and same size is where rounds after the first one are going to land.   Allow me to demonstrate.    Say you had a semi auto glock, you took aim, you fired, you hit the center of the target.    Then you pick up the same glock, but the second is fully auto.   When you take aim, your going to aim exactly the same way, maybe slightly lower because of the multiple recoils your about to experience, but if you took the same sight picture and aimed the same way your first round would hit the target in the exact same place as the semi did, then you'd basically be in a wrestling match with the pistol from there on, desperately trying to make rounds go where you want them.   I'm here to tell you, even if your fucking the strongest man alive, you are -not- aiming second, third, and subsequent shots with -any- sort of accuracy at all.   Any fully automatic weapon, with any sort of recoil, even an M16 that has a recoil buffer in it, which 90% of other firearms don't have is next to impossible to aim after the first shot.   It's a fact, that's the main reason that our military switched to 3 round burst from fully automatic assault rifles.   Pistols have much shorter barrels, and are much more lightweight, true their firing a smaller round, but that does not change the fact that a fully automatic pistol would be harder to keep under control than a fully automatic rifle.    

In closing I'd like to say that if a new skill was devised for autopistols that'd be lame, I seriously doubt the adman has any plans of that tho.   a 6mm autopistol with redicilously high firing rate would be pretty awesome tho I love that idea!    

10mm's do exist, they just aren't very popular. I believe the FBI used them for a bit then decided that it had too much recoil or some such.

As for autopistols, Beretta has a pistol that does 3 round bursts. Pretty sure Glock has one too. I know you can make alot of them that way ;) Still pistols all the same.

I don't agree with making the seburo per say a sub, becuase we need those cheap toss em and common as shit burners.

As for autopistols, Beretta has a pistol that does 3 round bursts. Pretty sure Glock has one too. I know you can make alot of them that way  Still pistols all the same.

It'd be excellent if weapons were mod-able to this extent using ballistics.