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More NPC SIC tags
sealab is just sindome underwater

Someone suggested adding these to the list of random SIC tags a while back and I was kind of hoping it would happen.

Hey, whatcha got there? Puddin' puppets?

Ah, mercury. Sweetest of the transition metals.

Pudding can't fill the emptiness inside me! But it'll help.

When I wear blue, I am like the wind. A hot LATIN wind!

There go my nipples again.

We don't need Rome telling us what to do!

Try one of those hams. They're stuffed with hot wings!

Silence! I'm psycho-flexing!

Under Martian law doctors and other wizards are forbidden!

Nails are like candy to robots, and we'll eat tires instead of licorice.

Now when I get the chance I like to sucker punch people.

I'll bet your lymph nodes are as big as cats!

I'm sick, c'mon baby! Daddy needs his feel good juice!

I said it's dodgeball time, bitch.

Who knows better? Me, or a know nothing like you, who knows nothing?

Do you think I'll turn into a jerk when I'm all crazy rich?

Remember, you'll have the strength of five gorillas.

It's like a koala bear crapped a rainbow in my brain!

Lady, unless you got a baby up your skirt, tell your story walkin'.

Your entire ass, just packed full of red hot coals?

Man, I hate the Bizarros.

There's a throat that needs slitting, and we don't know where to lay the blade!

Pod Six was jerks!

All I wanted was to make the world a better place, and to make an assload of money.

Dolphin meat! Nature's greatest treat!

See the way my body's glowing? Yeah. A lot of people can't do that.

Wow, sexist -and- racist. Two in one. You have a gift.

Don't expect any mercy during the great robot wars.

I have the strength of a bear that has the strength of *two* bears!

Look, all I want is some sweet, new balls.

See, he's an aero pilot by day, but by night he fights a werewolf.

Look, what's done is done. There's no reasoning with me.

Do you want the mustache on or off?

Why does all the crap we consume have to be tested on animals first?

Eat some more pills, pill head.

I mean, if they're already using Futurama quotes for NPC SIC tags, you can't go wrong with adding Sealab to the mix.
That's awesome, Vera xD
These are all excellent, would be fun to see them ingame!
Also as a more practical suggestion in a silly thread, it would help obfuscate the NPC/PC divide if more NPC SIcers had blank SIC tags or dropped off of who.dat shortly after speaking.
Who says they don't?

We have an extensive database of random IC quotes that we've compiled over the years. The SIC tags now pull from that.
Any feedback on this?
The who list is a lot less bland now, and NPCs don't stick out like a sore thumb. Much better.

The more quotes the better though.

There are over a thousand hand added sindome quotes in our database. They just have to be less than the max sic tag length to be used. I should get a count of how many that is.
"Anything's a dildo if you're brave enough." Found this today and decided to stick this saying in the suggestion thread.