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More outfits!
So we can dress with more style.

I have noticed that I am almost out of macros from just needing few outfits + couple in/out combos for houses. And that's sad as I use them only to lighten some OOC annoyances that come around them, not for any real advantage (for example taking/putting on clothes in the same order). Because of that, I would love to be able to have more pre-made outfits.

There are couple of ways I can think off to improve it:

1. Give us "remove all from me force" command which will ignore the order and just strip yourself naked. At least then you won't need undressing aliases to easily change between outfits.

2. Outfit bags. The container you can only use in apartment closed or dressing rooms, and you can simply "put costume from snazzy outfit bag" and then "return the costume to snazzy outfit bag". This could be made by tailors or whatnot, and not only allow for a bit of less clutter in closets, but also give the facility of not needing the OOC annoyance of putting on/off clothes.

3. More macro slots. Simple as that, more macro slots, nonautomated ones, so we can fit more clothing automation on.

The order doesn't have to do with what you think it does. There's basically a tiering/layering thing for clothing and that's why usually you can't strip off everything -- because a tshirt is underneath the jacket you're wearing and you'd have to take the jacket off first.

So if that was to be implemented, the code would need to start from the outermost clothing layer and keep moving inward -- the only way you could bypass the 'order' like you want it to do.

That's a-ok with me, as long as it does the thing I want - remove all my clothes with a single command, not the annoying puzzle of "what I put when".
I'm just pointing it out code-wise it might not be so easy :-P
Personally, I don't see a need for this stuff. You only have so many slots you can be wearing stuff in, and as long as you get dressed logically, you can easily get undressed logically. A command to get nakid would be convenient, but I don't think it is necessary. As for the container for clothes, eh maybe. I don't see a big need or any real minus' to it, and as for the macro slots, I have never capped mine out.
To change from one outfit to another is about ~13 commands (add picking from the floor, remember to pick the correct one etc) and while clearly for some it's no problem to do it right, for me it's a massive pain. I had my PC go pantless on many occasions as I mistyped one of the many commands, which is why I macro them.

And I love to have many outfits, its cool, its flash to change them - not walk in the same raggy thing every day. But if I manually have to remember what goes with where, and what I then put in which order across many outfits... Mayhem, mayhem I tell you! And sadly an OOC, not IC one.

I dunno, it sound to me like it perfectly mirrors the shit I see my GF go through everyday.
Great, but this is a game. Thats why we don't have to actually shit every day because that's would not add fun to the game - it would detract from it. Similarily standing alone in a closed when you want to change between closet doesn't add any fun. And you still will have that option if you like it, but I personally would rather go and RP.
Agreed. I wish I could just set outfits.


-wear x

-wear y

-wear z


-remove x

-remove y

-remove z

I'm already using all 20 of my macros. :(

It takes me up to 30 minutes to get dressed IRL, so I can kind of understand requiring that sort of IC stress.

Actually, maybe some expensive sort of auto-dresser would be a nice luxury. "Oh, you don't have an auto-dresser in your apartment?" *giggling behind your back*

> undress

You store what you're wearing in the auto-dresser

> setoutfit casual

Enter the items in order to wear. Finish with .

> midnight blue tank top

> cherry red jeans

> jet black sneakers

> .

Your outfit "casual" has been set. Use "dress in casual" around an auto-dresser.

> dress in casual

The auto dresser assists you in dressing in your casual outfit.

> dress in casual

This outfit appears to be missing some pieces from the auto-dresser.

Ok, now the Autodresser, that is a good idea for tackling this. Something that costs chyen, requires a handyman to move and install, and a possible status symbol...
Autodresser! Dude. I could get behind this IRL. But yeah - What if it added a special perk or somethin too? Pressed your clothes or whatever.
I've just used macros combined with a wardrobe or closet in the past for this. Works pretty well.
Oo yeah the macro is a great idea. That'd solve it.
Taking it a step further ..

How about AutoDresser/grid based ordering?

AutoDressers on Green will see existing inventory for the stores on green and gold. If mixers can get them (I say no), they only show existing inventory on red and maybe gold. A purchase is made, chyen is slotted or better yet, a CredChip is used and the customer can wait for delivery.

Service mixer jobs for couriers (including drivers and pilots) could be created. 1-2 per store or maybe a new delivery company to deliver the package to the purchaser.? (Golden Parachute Express - Jumping off buildings to ensure the fastest possible delivery! Why? Couriers paragliding to deliveries would rock.) Maybe even have a few corpie managers to keep an eye on those thieving mixers, handle customer service issues, PR (maybe it's the corpie equivalent to someone in present day being assigned to a job in some cold, isolated, remote corner of the world?)

A courier is notified that they have been assigned a delivery, picks up the delivery and delivery location/instructions and then makes the delivery, or not.

The purchaser slots the package into the AutoDresser and voila! The purchased item is now available to be worn.

Delivery failure consequences could be the same or similar to existing crate delivery failures and no "item" in the delivery package is visible or at least is unable to be stolen. This avoids the theft of say, thousands or even tens of thousands of chen worth of clothing, which would be much more appealing than getting an expected delivery tip.

Or maybe items can be stolen, earning the courier the wrath of the store/delivery company, -and- the purchaser! (Gridmail arrives when packages is picked up by courier - Joe Baka sic:Jbak, prog:555-1234) will be delivering your DiamondWeave cocktail dress, if you do not receive your delivery within 24 hours, please contact customer service ...)

This would Make tech a bit more ubiquitous and integrated into daily life, at least for some, stimulates the economy, moves money between players, creates jobs, creates potential points of conflict and seems like something that would exist.

The bonus is, to my eye at least, it seems like there are enough existing systems in place so that hopefully, coding requirements are minimal and centralizing the deliveries into a new (or even existing) delivery company should minimize descriptive work as well.


I like the auto-dresser concept for all of the reasons that mindkontrol mentioned (needing a PC to install, status symbol, etc.)

Wouldn't it require some sort of @trust permission?

I am not sure about the specifics of the code, but it seems like it could help mitigate the issues with layering so many different pieces of clothing. The player would be responsible for programming it like a macro. They would start at the lowest level, and move outwards. Doing so would create a list. The auto-dresser would have a 'REMOVE (outfit name)' verb that iterates through the list backwards.

There would have to be some error handling code in there to deal with 'clothing items' not in the dresser. To make error handling easier, players would have to type in the FULL name of each clothing item, eg. brilliant blue logo top. If the dresser is missing a piece, it should move onto the next item in the list. At the end of the function, it should return a list of all the 'missing' items.

There should be a limit on the number of outfits a dresser can have. Maybe something as arbitrary as 5,10,15 & 20 depending on whether they are installed on Red, Gold, Green or Blue. Or at least, have those be the defaults in the respective housing units. There's no reason a Mixer on Red couldn't acquire a super 20-slot dresser. And no reason some poor Corpie on Green couldn't hide a cheap 5-slot dresser in their closet where they hope their peers will never see it.

I'd really like to throw in for the strip self command. Seems like something that could be done fairly easily from a "real world" perspective, not necessarily from coding POV though. I'd love to be able to just dump out of clothes, and I only wear like two things because I'm a filthy mixer.