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More WJF Authority
Any ideas?

In light of recent events both I and other admins have encountered while puppeting Judges I think some things need to change about the gear they use and the things they're capable of.

First off, I think magna-cuffs need some work done to them, I remember way back in the day when you were cuffed you couldn't run from the Judge who cuffed you. Maybe that needs to come back again?

Also, the code to put cuffed people into the cruisers works fantastically, buy maybe there needs to be some verb to get them out. My problem was that even if they were incapacitated I couldn't boot them out, they just dodged me. When IRL you can't really dodge that while cuffed, not to mention unconscious.

Any other ideas you guys have are welcome here, this is just what I thought of in the little time I've sat here and decided to post.

Maybe redoing the Judge armor is in order to make it more streamlined. I'm not saying it isn't good armor, but maybe some recoding should be done for the nametags, or authorization to wear it. I was thinking if someone who wasn't authorrized to wear the armor put it on, then on the nametag would glow red and everyone would know.

Maybe some accessories could be added to it/taken off at will. I mean the basics would remain, but maybe you should be able to add certain things, like maybe a container to hold clips or more hand cuffs.

And the radio, it's a fantastic invention, and perfect for the Judge helmet but it isn't used as much. Maybe we need to figure out a way to utilize it more then the SIC. More then once criminals have been able to figure out what I'm doing, because they saw chatter on the encrypted SIC. Maybe a way to talk to Ops on the radios so the general populations have no idea what's going on is in order.

Here's a list of things I think need to be added to the HoJ:
-A way to purchase Enforcers, maybe it could log who's buying it to prevent Judges from hacking them and selling them on the market if that's a problem.
-A way to purchase Judge Armor, holsters, accessories with your name on it, if recoding it isn't going to happen, so that we're not walking around without things and missing helmets and stuff.
-A way to lock down the HoJ. I toured the local police station about a year ago, and they are able to lock down the entire building in a matter of seconds if need be, maybe we need the same thing?

Along with all these new things, some things need to be added to the memento Judges themselves. More then once I've gotten into battles and other Judges came to help and they either wouldn't have their enforcer out, or they were out of ammo, or they were carrying something around like a tac-comp or a newspaper and they start thwapping them with it, doing little damage. The garage doors have been broken for some time now, so I'm buying  the cruisers Ethanol right now, which costs a lot of money.

Any other ideas?

Also, I know you guys are busy so if this isn't priority number one that's ok. I'm just putting this up to maybe get some ideas rolling for when the time does come to do some work on the WJF.

(Edited by Salvatore at 1:54 pm on Aug. 24, 2008)

Sounds like you need a partner.

That would be nice, to.

Improvements for WJF: No, they have the most support out of any role already.

Bug fixes: Working thru @bugs, if its broken and you haven't reported it via @bug already, please do so.

Most of these things won't be code that'll make the Judges more powerful, it's to make everything that is coded run smooth without a lot of help from the admins. Like the garage door, or the reloading of Judge weapons, stuff like that. Plus the unauthorized armor thing.

If no one can put on WJF armor except the Judges, then there will be less criminals to hunt down for wearing WJF armor.

Oh the idea I have is that they'd be able to wear it. but instead of having a nametag it'd do something like glow red. Then you could make it so the nametag would change so you can wear any armor there is laying around. Like right now I'm not wearing MY armor.

I think the point is...ALOT of time and code has been devoted to Judges. Whereas, alot of time and code is need elsewhere...before focus is placed back on Judges. At least that's what I got out of this. Judges are fucking uber, mano.

Oh yeah, I agree that they're uber, and I totally understand if it isn't gonna happen cause the admins are busy. But I just wanna point out that all this code and time put towards the Judges is ineffective due to little stupid things that IRL the Judges would take care of themself.

I recall a time when they were most definitely -not- uber despite all their implementations.  The tac-comp as a weapon is still an issue?  Oh man...I -HATED- that.  Turns Judges from dangerous enemies into target practice.

On this topic...while there are many areas that can be improved, the Judges absolutely MUST be uber.

Ultimately, I'd like to see the starting point for new players be the HoJ (with the option to choose otherwise). More money, more quick power and, potentially, an IC reason to give standardized 'training' to all new players. Definitely have my eye on Kevlar's SHFL gizmo with some sort of recording device to get a Training Room going, with/without GM presence.

The Judges should have the following on their side...the Law, Money (which translates into some cutting-edge weaponry, but that doesn't eliminate creativity on the criminal end), and Training.

The things that work against them should be Numbers (gangs), Creativity (on the part of the criminal), and of course Accountability (even if they are Judge, Jury, and Executioner, but they need to have their peers and superiors looking over their shoulder as well).

Being a Judge should be easy and relatively routine. Being a criminal should be hard and fun. Disagree?

Oh and Salvatore, an idea for the Enforcer about a weapons issue/armory? Check it in, check it out? An NPC to be the weapons issue guy, you ask for a weapon, you get one, and you can't carry them past a certain checkpoint without returning it after your patrol?

Technically they might need to be genetically coded to you...but this can be gotten around by having 'your weapon' retained in the armory. You can only check your own weapon out, not anyone elses (so you don't have multiples).

Perhaps, eventually? Let's not make Johnny mad, we're not demanding this get attention immediately.

I totally agree with you, Lena. And yeah, if they're busy there aint much that's going to happen until he isn't busy. Which will never happen, I don't think.

Hah, that's hardly a reason to give up.

One thing that I always thought the judges should have was a supply of stun grenades.  Useable in those nifty, underslung grenade launchers.  But when I was a judge, that thing was just the biggest tease...taunting me with 'Grenade mode activated' and then...huh...this damn nade won't fit!  FIT DAMN YOU!

I liked alot of the ideas Salvatore tossed, though I have to admit the judges are already the lead faction when it comes to stopping power.  Except when up against certain criminal elements of which most carry MP11s...yeah, ow.  At any rate, I don't think they require too much boosting.  Maybe in time as things become more complicated for the aspiring judge, such as players having access to paragliders, grappling hooks, sewers, numbers, schemes, cybernetics, access to the badlands where SIC can't trace, SIC's that don't give exact location over a network intended to do such...maybe, just maybe the judges will get that gun upgrade they've been dreaming about for years and years.  (Hehe, you sooo thought I was goin the other way at first :D)

Lena, you asked if being a judge should be routine.  I don't think so personally.  Judges get to compete with practically every npc in the mix when they step out.  Sure, there's the off chance an admin won't be on to gank you and your crew, but it happens alot more than you'd hope for.  The characters that judges intend to catch hardly ever operate by routine, and so capturing them is not a routine process.  Its actually quite difficult.

Judges definitely don't need an upgrade at the moment but like Damarung said, hopefully they will later. For right now I'd love to see a wide array of new technologies to make a judge's job more difficult.

I really just want more capture tactics.  My only real arguments with the WJF was the empty enforcers/tac-comps, and the fact that you resist...somebody is ending up bloody, end of story.  The Enforcer is a big gun, meant to intimidate.  I'd be scared.  I might run, but I highly doubt a cop is going to plug me in the back for trying to steal a purse.  

Yeah, I know where this is going to be countered.  They're judges, the end all beat all, they got no souls.  Thing is, corps live better than you cuz they're smart.  They don't want judges to just up and shoot you in the face, that's reserved for people who deserve a waste of their money.  No, they want you fined, they want you owing their plump asses.

How bout...ya take nade mode off the Enforcer, and give it the stun shot?  Could be a beanbag gun too...I've seen people get all sorts of fucked up with those.  Maybe a low frequency sound blaster...  Just -something- that can knock someone the fuck out so you got time to fine them before you end up having to shoot ten gangers and a tv reporter to get back in your cruiser.  Clone death and like sentences are for -repeat- offenses yanno?

I've had my first run in with judges today and I am a little confused about how this RP is supposed to work.

I understand my choices with RP lead me to this situation I am in but I was actually hoping to inspire a little confrontation and its never going to happen and I don't think it'd be IC for my character to seek out RP with the judges if I know i'm just going to be radically oppressed!

I don't like leaving people hanging on RP but I feel like I don't have a choice. I don't want to die and it'd be silly for me to enable myself to get caught and killed in this situation. So I don't know what else to do.

I sorta think it's kinda silly to talk shit to somebody then end up with three pages of criminal charges on my rapsheet. It just doesn't make me want to RP with them and I don't think that's a good product from the way they're played.

It seems very easy to avoid contact with these players and judging from whats already happened i'm not simply going to march to my death that would be incredibly un-IC. I'm just at a loss, I want to RP it out but I don't have any confidence in the way the judges are acting to get any quality RP out of the situation!

Any constructive suggestions are welcomed!

I hate to sound like a dick mano...

But there's an old Japanese saying...

The nail that stands up, gets hammered.

Judges are there to hammer you down.  Its their job.  You can avoid them all you want, but they're always going to be something you have to be aware of.  Every time you commit a crime, every time you buy something, sell something, take a shit and not whipe as well as you should have...they'll be there.

Not a soul is asking you to just accept your character's fate.  But, fate IS what brought him there.  You roleplayed him a certain way.  Don't you dare consider it an ooc punishment in any regard.  This is the CP world you play in, and in that CP world, there are CP rules.  #1 being, don't fuck with the judges.

I think you misunderstood what I was saying.

I WANT to RP with the judges on this matter but the way its setup it makes it near impossible for me to picture any RP coming from it.

So I'm at a loss at how to play the game with you.

If I have to I will avoid you, I am not too worried about it to be honest there seem to be several ways to not become detected by others in this game. Many players have been doing so lately. You can try to hunt down my character for weeks and months if you want but I don't think it will be very fun or be very much RP involved for you and I'd like to change that but I am not seeing a way to do that so I was looking for suggestions.

Your reply just makes me think of the judges more like an Anti-RP role than anything. If i don't want to die avoid you. Plain and simple right? There is no RP in that for you and I don't like depriving people of RP =[

Oh well! Thanks for your input.

Ever consider that rp gets generated by your capture?  Or by your demise even?

You don't always get to survive good rp and come out on top.  Trust me and ninety percent of the other players out there.  Your -going- to die.  Be it by a judge, or by another player if you haven't been just flat out robbed before.  

Your looking at judges and the possibilities all wrong, your in what I like to call 'selective' rp mode.  Where its just not RP if its not how its envisioned.  Just go with the flow, you want to hide your char away and deprive us AND yourself, be my guest.  Everyone else will find other venues.  

But when you finally do get caught, and that little bump of fear taken away, once that adrenaline starts pumping, you'll get it.  Trust me.  All in due time.

It's not IC for my character to put himself in a position to get caught for the sake of RP and that's what everyone is supposed to do right act as their character would act?

My character doesn't want to be captured so it's my thing as a roleplayer to play that out properly right?

It's disappointing but I don't want to act Un-icly for the sake of you having enjoyable RP at my characters expense. I would rather act ICly and go with the flow.

I just hope you're up to it and don't get discouraged and realize that I am not being " selective " I am being merely being IC and acting accordingly to my characters desire to stay alive and free from the cluthes of corrupt law enforcement, right?

And please don't say I -will- be caught because nothing is set in stone. Kinda saps all the fun out of avoiding you if you insist that it's futile.


Dude.  Ok, fine, I conceed you may or may not -ever- be caught.  Ten years from now your char is going to still be wanted for those petty crimes.  Lets just drop that part eh?

Who's sayin you should just turn yourself in, or go putting yourself in harms way?  Nobody man, nobody.  People hide, people run, people fight and flee, its part of the game.  Do what your char would do.  Not what you think is fundamental, but what's fun, so long as it sticks with your character.  Is he the type to stick up to his word?  Is he the type to hide?  Is he the type to talk big like everybody and then make sure its never proven?  (that is no way personal, everyone does that heh, I mean shit, chip in the head...hell yeah there'd be some shit talkin)  Play him as he would be.

Not as you think people want you to react.  As for the judges, you let me worry about their actions, you just worry about them ;)  That's the fun shit...enemies.  Its just as fun being chased as it is doing the chasing man.  Just don't worry about other people's rp.  Things will happen in due time.  CAUGHT OR NOT...figure I better put that in or else you'll take it literal. :P

Anyway, that's my last one for the night.  Feel free to post another though, I'll be reading it.

I don't think you're understanding at all where I am coming from.

But that's fine it is pretty late.

Thanks for the input though!

Some of you just suck at being the WJF :)

I stopped reading this after the first few posts becuase they were all things I pointed out along time ago but you can still do PLENTY the things are (Or were when I was de law)

I really really miss you Bio.

But now onto my post, Cyberscot you've unfortunately reached the short end of the stick on SD. The part when you can either risk RP and get a boot shoved up your ass OR hide in your cube all day hoping that one day years from now the problem will go away.

Yes, they both suck. You're unable to powerplay and finessing your way out of the situation is next to impossible because you sided with the bad guy of the moment.

Most of us have been there. Alot of people are in your position now. And they all hide...all day...and never rp. And it sucks, totally.

Your new, so I'm gonna explain this real fucking brute force before you go all pussy on me.


Best thing you can hope for is that can do it back.

Of course, at least you'll have the intergrity to claim you're not a huge vagina and face death/perm like a real cyberpunk chummer on that day. Right?

I was gonna go off for alot longer and be alot more brutal...but I think that should cover the basics.

P.S. Biohazard please come back.

(Edited by ReeferMadness at 8:37 pm on Feb. 4, 2009)

Oooo....reading my post. I missed out on one key thing...


You have a shitload of power and all you do is bully & kill. Use it to generate more RP, kay?


Gimme time...fuck..its been two days.

Some of the most fun RP I've had has been involving Judge players.

Just sayin.

And getting the short end of the wishbone can be god damned fun!

That's right, I'm triple posting bitches. Deal with it.

In case none of you know, I'm an oldbie. My character isn't as old as any of the other oldbies but whatever. I'm fucking awesome so I'm scary.

My job as an oldbie is do things to make the game more fun and create a dynamic sort of feel. If you're a newbie 7/10, I will try and help you. Either by getting you that initial item to use your skillset or straight out giving you a job. That means chyen in the economy (hooray).

Oh, I're asking: "Reefer, you stoned fuck. What happens to the other three?"

Well, I try to help them and they won't be helped. Sometimes they call me names, sometimes they spit in my face. You get the point. Best case scenario: I don't help them. Worst case scenario: I rape them up the ass with my Mr. Studd and leave them in the badlands.

Moving on...

Those seven are faced with a chance to become a survive and become a part of the in-game economy by doing whatever the fuck they do. Initially for me and later for everyone else. Generating more RP and allowing them to fuck me over or be my dirty little slave.

THose three are now my enemies. No, I won't just go rape them all over the place yet...but it'll happen. So then, they go to the other side of the fence: the domain of the WJF/GOLD whatevah...

THen the jakes help them (I HOPE). Pay them off for information that you may or may not have. (LIE LIE LIE TRUTH LIE)

And voila, there we have the integral in-game dynamic. Or at least as it should be.

Now as you grow up,'ll get less hand out and be expected to be more on your own. Ideally.

Of course, when you have oldbies working with the WJF...and it doesn't make any sense at all. Shit gets all kinda weird...but hang tough.

What I was really getting at is...that's how its supposed to work. The WJF isn't supposed to be a mop up the newbs and hi5 the oldbie for the win. Unless of course, you sided with the devil or otherwise pissed off everyone. Which means you'll get fucked six ways to the drome and will never have fun with your current character.

But yeah, this is one of the drawbacks of too many oldbies siding with eachother instead of the new blood. I don't need you old and crusty fuckers to hold my hand. Hold some kid fresh out of the goo's hand...if for the very least an excuse to kill anyone who fucks with them.

This shit all stinks of fluffy bunny...and I'm used to it. I don't care. I'm gonna bring the heat till everyone realizes how much more fun it is to not be friends with anyone. But think of the newbs.

We talk about how we need more players but we're very quick to throw them to the flames. Does it mean they shouldn't have enemies? HELL NO. It just means they should have allies too.

I will probably be back in a month or two. My unit pulls out of this craphole and I should be back at Ft Campbell by then.

Also for anyone playing a Judge (Or you need tips on being a smart criminal) I suggest watching these two TV shows at length; The Shield, The Wire.

I like to think of Ivan as the White/hetero version of The Wire's omar

""But yeah, this is one of the drawbacks of too many oldbies siding with eachother instead of the new blood. I don't need you old and crusty fuckers to hold my hand. Hold some kid fresh out of the goo's hand...if for the very least an excuse to kill anyone who fucks with them. ""

Just read that. This is truth.

I allways see people saying dumb shit like 5 noobs with bats and knives could swarm someone like D, or Aikao, or Seven and send them straight to hell. Sorry to say but that is not the case at all. I know if 5 noobs tried to play D like a pinate(sp?) He would wash their mouths out with buckshot.

That being said, gang up all the same. Get your 5 noobs together, and carve out a niche in the market; Guns, drugs, protection rackets, gambeling, assasinations, hired muscle whatever, and seek out the oldbie allready running it. Get to work for him. Work your way up HIS food chain, get dirt on HIM, trick his mark ass intro thinking you're his boys, then lure him into a back alley one night for a meet and greet and have the 5 now well armored, well armed, (And well statted by this time) "noobs" and enact a change of management.  That's how the food chain works. Thats how you come up as a gang. You may wanna watch your back around your boys though if you're all devious enough to do that. Oh shit, now you're paranoid, so you off all the mixers you came up with to secure your crown. Holy shit.

That's one way to do it. I like how people hate oldbies though. I used to, then I became one. The thing you gotta remember is their characters started as noobs, and some had yellow brick roads to follow to the top, and some of us had to out shoot and outlive the rest.

Think on it.

nice post bio!   Yay for fucking gangs!! Yay for more than 3 people working togther (tho it almost never happens)   Yay for noobs aspiring to more than a gay weekly pay job, or hiding behind some oldbie's skirt!!!!

I actually take offense to that hiding behind the skirt comment Jotun, I don't think that's really appropriate to say.

A newbie teaming up with an oldbie or several oldbie shouldn't be treated as if he is doing something wrong, I don't understand your comment at all.

Please explain.

Cyberscot, I don't think he was referring to you literally bro.  Just the topic in general.

By the way man, just in case my previous posts made it seem so, I got no animosity toward ya bro.  Just wanted to let ya know.  You've brought an entertaining character to the mix :)

As for yellow brick roads...I don't think any character just gets to be that fortunate.  Every player has to climb up a chute of shit just to get anywhere.

At any rate, this board has gone WAY off subject.

Lets put this back on spectrum.

What are some outside thoughts on the WJF mechanism?

one thing I allways wanted to see as a judge was wire taps on progia's. If you have the number, you should be allowed to just plug and play.

Wires on CI's and suspects so you can send them into the bar and record hard evidence on joe bigmouth.

Leverage is the key to being an effective judge.

also; paperwork. Yes, it is the gey, but alas, paperwork leaves the papertrail. There is no such thing (as far as I know) in the HOJ. The current tac-comp system leaves a little to be desired.

A paper trail that was accessible via the grid 3.0 would be clutch.

No I wasn't talking about -anyone- in particular.  I do have to say that  hooking up with someone with power, then going and starting a bunch of shit you can't back up, and expecting them to get your back is lame.  I've seen it happen at least twice in the past 8-12 months, maybe more.  I do howerver love to see people off on their own, with their own ideas, initative, drive etc.  Partially because I definately have problems with that sort of creativity at times.  Wether you think you are, or you think you aren't powerful enough to take someone, or do something, or achive some accomplishment.  Your right.

Why is it lame?

I think it's totally reasonable to start shit with people who you have no chance of beating "fairly". Expecting an [oldbie, organization, etc.] to get your back is just one part of the equation of taking them on. Cyberpunk is embodied by the manipulation of others through deception to get them to act in your favor...

By way of deception, thou shalt do war


If your're worthless. But if you're the little guy and you work for the WJF, Triads, etc. You're not to be trifled with. Working for an oldbie with considerable resources is no different.

However, the discretion of the bigger brother to get involved is important. Not even a judge can be like "You fucked my girlfriend on live television, I'm banishing you!". Getting these people/factions involved required RP on its own.

Anything that generates RP is good in my opinion.

However, it is irritating when you...a well respected, blah blah blah king bazambo of orange sector with a feather in your hat is belittled by guttersnipe +1. It damages your REP and makes you look like a chump until you do something about it.

So now you gotta do something about it, right?

Holy shit. Look at that! RP...possibly combat...WHHEEEEE!!!

When people fuck you, fuck them back. That's what makes the game churn, boyo.

Cryer, you may not be happy to get fucked.
Jotun, you may not like to be put in a difficult position.
Damarung, you LOVE to fuck.

But somebody has gotta make sweet sweet love to sindome. Nobody has fun riding the metaphorical penis of sindome when its lazy ass won't do more then mutter 'Oh baby'.

So, who wants to fuck?

I think everyone has brought decent points to the discussion here, but besides ways of recording conversations, blah blah (I mean c'mon, it's the best evidence, especially when the bosses demand it) The Judge system is allready way powerful. For example, My old Judge character whome some of you may or may not know, at one point had pretty much half the active criminal playerbase in the HOJ lockup at the same time. It's easy to bust motherfuckers, you just need that cop mentality. Watch some shows, read some books, whatever man. but the tools for success are mainly there.

Quote: from ReeferMadness on 6:10 pm on Feb. 6, 2009[br]
Damarung, you LOVE to fuck.

But somebody has gotta make sweet sweet love to sindome. Nobody has fun riding the metaphorical penis of sindome when its lazy ass won't do more then mutter 'Oh baby'.

So, who wants to fuck?

*raises his hand* I DO!

Jotun I think teaming up with someone who is far more powerful and to use them as your muscle after starting a bunch of hostile RP is the only way to interact with some of the characters out there who love to flex their egos at newbies.

Want to push me around? Okay, I'll get someone who can kill you to be at my side when you try to come oppress me with your ego.

I feel like that's pretty good RP involving as many people as possible in a situation that could be limited to one versus one.

Do you know what I mean?

Thanks to everyone for their input so far.

You can't seriously be upset, can you?  Over this whole judge business?  Over a character's ego?  Prove those characters wrong, or shush, cuz if your not going to, then methinks...they have a right to that bighead don't they?

Ever had to deal with tha coppa's CyberScott?  It aint a sweet ordeal in any sense man.
Sometimes ya get the nice ones who laugh and smile with you, then shove a wad of citations up your backside so far ya gotta hire a dentist to read them.  Other times, ya get the asshole, who just -wants- you to give him a funny look.  Talk as much shit as your character did to THAT guy.  Then tell me how your surgery is coming along.

Your character acted accordingly to the situation as I see it.  But that doesn't always mean its right for the laws set in the game.  These are different from rules bro, you don't break the rules ever.  Your char can break laws, but for it, he becomes a wanted man.  That's just all there is to it.

Im not upset about the judges at all. I just think Jotun is judging my actions and my responses as if I'm doing something I shouldn't be doing by having powerful friends. I handled my situation as ICly as I possibly could and I'm happy with where I am.

I don't understand where you got this bizarre Idea about me being upset about anything other than Jotun's posts in this thread.

Don't tell me your ego spills over to this forum where you think everything is about you =) Just teasing!


Just kiddin heh, I guess I misunderstood is all.  Sorry bro.

DUDE!! I've said it once, and I'll say it again!  I am ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY NOT  talking about anyone in particular.  You want me to start naming names of people who I think play crappily?  I will, but I'm sure there are people out there who.. In fact I know for a fact there are people who think I play poorly.  Bixby is one who's not afraid to say it in front of everyone.  Somethimes when I can't come up with a good scam/plan/whatever -I- think I play poorly.    And Reefer you said it better than I did.  It's not that I have a problem with Noobs siding with peowerful factions/characters or whatever.   But do you seriously think that the yaks/mafia/triads/whoever will send people out to defend you after signing up with them, but offering little in the way of help/work, because you have mouthed off to the same guy that could fry your ass repeatedly and drink his rum at the same time?  For no apparent reason to boot.  My point was that I've had newer payers talk shit.  Then despite my every desire not to merc a noob, they won't stop, then I fuck their world up, then they cry about it.     I'm not mad, I'm not pointing or singling anyone out, I'm just making a blanket statement on how doing this is silly.  Do you know how many times I've tangled with people bigger than me, and been fucked, and been like.. okay I gotta go at this a different way than head on?  set them up with someone else, maybe make it so the law gives them grief, maybe gank their shit so the next time we meet they got nothin, maybe fuck their girl.   These are all generalities, if you still think your being singled out all I can say is me thinks you doth protest too much, see my sig.

Don't be nice, dude.


Cryer, you may not be happy to get fucked.

Did I say I don't like getting fucked over? Hell, I've fucked myself over with my current character already. On purpose!

Edit: My character on the other hand HATES to be fucked over.

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Maybe a way to talk to Ops on the radios so the general populations have no idea what's going on is in order.

Ops definitely should be monitoring radio traffic if they aren't already. There is also the problem that when you take off your helmet, your radio gets turned off.  Perhaps there should be a receiver in the form of an ear piece or something that will stay on even when you need to take your helmet off to verify your identity at a door.  It would also make sense for helmets to be able to scan the iris if it's wearer and then communicate authentication with doors in the WHJ.  Doors outside the WHJ however should still require you to remove your helmet.  But when done so, the radio should still be accessible.

Somebody with enough electronic knowhow and security knowhow should also be able to use equipment to pick up radio signals and decode them for illegitimate use.  Then again, is no conversation sacred?  Every form of conversation should have advantages and disadvantages.  In person you don't know who's watching.  On the phone you don't know who you're talking to.  On radio and on SIC you're broadcasting.  There should always be a way around security but it should never be easy.

Jotun I just think you're way to angry when you post and you don't realize what you're saying when you type it.

Thanks to referring me to your signature I now think whatever else I try to discuss with you will be lost to your irrational rambling.

I am sorry to have to say that but I can't help but feel that you're not happy with this game the way it is right now and are trying to either pass judgement or make me feel someway that I don't and won't.

I'm happy with this game and I love the course my RP has taken me. I am not unhappy with anything and I am not complaining about the state of anything.

I seem to be misunderstood a lot and I think I have to put a little more effort into explaining myself it seems.

I am sorry for any confusion.

But in future postings could you please try to calm down and read what I put because sometimes I feel as if you do not fully read before you reply.

Thanks guys.

you are completely misreading me, if I didn't like the game I wouldn't play it for 6 years. �but it's in beta, which means it's growing and changing, and I have ideas for that growth and change, some are good, some suck. �sorry, I'm a human my viewpoints won't always meet eye to eye with yours, that doesn't make them any better or worse. �It's really not personal. �but I can't and don't have the desire to force you to see things how I do so like every other place in life I just have to live with it, and be satisfied, I hope you can do the same.

by the way, there are soooooo many other things in life that are more important than a game, trust me, I may get frustrated when you say I'm targeting you when I clearly am not, but nothing you or anyone else can say on this board will make me angry, ruin my day, or do anything more than frustrate me until I turn my computer off and return to real life.

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I just think it would be far more effective for you to discuss the way the game functions and idea to improve the game without posting judgements about how certain people or groups of people choose to make their RP decisions.

You may not realize it and you may not mean to single out specific people. But what you said sort of polarizes me to your ideas and it makes me focus more on the damaging tone you use to express your distaste for these situations.

I hope you can understand where I am coming from.

How about public bulletins on Citizens with unpaid fines. Listing their violations, overdue fines, and a color coated threat level.

How about shock tasers for those unruly citizens that won't comply.

Judge 1: "Comply."

Unruly pedestrian: "No!"


Judge 2: "Comply."

*jolt* *jolt* *jolt*

Judge 1: "I think he just shat himself."

Judge 2: "That's littering. Twenty thousand chyen fine."


Maybe I've been watching too many episodes of Civil Protection....

I have to say that Reefer's idea on having citizens with unpaid fines have bulletins, or "amber alerts" or something of the sort.   Maybe even turns into a bounty?

All you need to be a Judge is a gun and a car (and even then, the car is optional). You need any more than that, then you're not fit to carry an Enforcer.

Perps gang up on you? GMs throw NPCs at you? Deal with it. It's what you do.

You have unlimited guns and armour, you have money and the luxury of living rent-free. You have a brain in your head that being alone should motivate you to fucking use.

Use your weapons.
Use your vehicles.
Use your brains.
Use your money.
Use your friends.
Use your enemies.
Use your authority.
Make a point of it to not use your authority.
Use the truth.
Use lies.
Use half-truths.
Use half-lies.
Use your goddamn natural charisma if you have any.

It's not that hard. The average character on this game is played like s/he has the intelligence and wit of a rock lobster that manages to make itself think that it's being cunning.

If you can't handle it then go home, take a shower and wash the shame off of yourself because you suck. Then play your records backwards and kill yourself.

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So say we all.