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HOJ SIC terminal (or somewhere more appropriate that I haven't thought of) should also dispense Multipasses that let you on the mag-lev without slotting chyen..  just bills to your SIC or something. I don't know.

and maybe also work at super happy fun land and also let you in and out of the city gates, debiting your bank account.

.....whatever happened to the credchips? I see you can still get them, but seems to only be good for player to player transactions. a long time ago, I remember you use to be able to buy things at the shops with them.

I believe all but the super happy fun land thing is a valid point! It might help get people moving through mag levs, but you could easily be tracked!

To be honest, banking and all manner of transactions should be linked to the SIC imho. Quite why anyone would still be carrying cards/passes for various things when mere proximity could confirm your ID and automate a transaction is beyond me.

Cars already use this approach for toll roads/bridges where you rent a box, slap it on your dashboard and it tracks how many times you drive through the toll point and bills you automatically.

An all-intrusive grid integrated sic could be cool...

Good luck getting between levels when some asshole decker maxed out your sic credit.

Link it with cyberware. Sell hacked sic chips. Mods that cycle sic chips, etc.

Identity theft could be bitching.