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Music Store
Instruments for all!

It boggles my mind that there is apparently no solid shop in Withmore where you can buy a guitar or electrosax or whatever other weird cyberpunk instruments out there. I think it'd be really cool to have more easily accessible musical instruments in the game. Maybe they could even provide a Charisma boost if you're holding or using them.

Already IC.

If you search (, you'll see the history and also understand that locating and acquiring musical instruments has always been a RP effort, not a shopping list.

However, just about a year ago, Johnny invited players to help get more musical instruments in-game.

This is an OOC activity. Providing a "build recipe" for a new kind of in-game instrument doesn't mean your character invented it or created a copy of one. But it's a way to get involved with moving the needle on the state of the art.