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Nanopress Enhancement
Now with patterns AND colors!

So this is a simple idea, what if we added functionality to the Nanopress object specifically that allowed you to select from maybe about a dozen or so patterns?

Camouflage patterns of various kinds, gutterpunk spraypaint splatters, obligatory cyberpunk neon piping, etc.


I'm not entirely sure how you'd work that into tailoring as is. It could come in conflict with describes and worns I think? Are you proposing adding these patterns into the %color slot?

A pair of %color pants.

Color = pink : A pair of pink pants.

Color = Camouflage : A pair of camoflage pants.

Or are you proposing adding something like %pattern? If so, I think for this to be introduced, just about every dyeable items desc would need to be heavily adjusted.


Yes, exactly. A one or two word 'pattern' that would go in the %color slot and have a color associated with it via the new colors code. So it could be (heather grey color) Camo or (Forest Green) Camo or (silver) spraypaint splatters.

If that makes sense? Use the color to color the 'pattern' text, and then the pattern text simply replaces the %color describe. I think if it's one or two words maximum, it should slot in seamlessly.

Also, this change would not be retroactive. I only imagine this being something people could do to add some flair to their gear or clothing via the nanopress.

In fact, I would see this as potentially menu-driven off the current

1) Use nanopress

2) Choose color

3) Pattern Prompt (Y/N)

4) Choose pattern

5) Display selection. Finalize? (Y/N)

6) Dye

This way, the existing functionality remains identical, and if desired, you can add a pattern for an additional upcharge for each item.

That's a cool idea. Back in the day, I remember being annoyed that I could never get the animal print 'colors' on tailored items.