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NLM TV Schedule Improvement

The NLM TV Schedule boards are great. I hope that they serve their purpose to get more characters / players interested in and engaged with all of the content that has been produced over the years.

There is not a way to see everything that is currently playing. Or everything that will be playing in the near future.

Is there a way to make it so that they accept a time range as an input?

As it is currently coded, listing ALL of the channels produces way too much output to be useful. (The output overflows the buffer on the web client). Going through each channel one at a time is also cumbersome.

Would be cool to add an NLM streaming service for that matter. Pay a premium to watch whatever classic shows/episodes you want, when you want.
Hello lovely beings,

Maybe this doesn't belong here, but as it's got the same general subject, I'm just going to pile on!

As is now, the nlm tv schedule is not accessible to screen readers.

There was a little debate in game help, as to whether it was the formatting, or general confusion.

After receiving ic clarification, I learnt that no indeed, the board is not formatted in a way to make it remotely readable to people on screen readers. I've even done a thing where I go letter by letter, to try and make things out. And it's not. I can physically read the words yes. So it's not a matter of like ascii or anything like that. But more just the way it was formatted, it's hard to figure out what times what is playing. If each time block, along with what it's playing, and the episode block or whatever it is, can be on its own line, maybe it'd be better? As is, I just can't make enough of it out, to really suggest any proper improvements.

I realize this post sounds super negative, and I'm so sorry. That is not my intention, but I would super appreciate it, if this could be made better!

Thank you so much, I hope you have a lovely day!

All right so quick update!

I have learned, that it is indeed in a table format.

Which is amazing for sighted people, but fails terribly when you're on a mud client and it's a screen reader.

It wouldn't fail so epically if it was like on an actual website, but in a mud context, it fails horrifically.

I'm wondering if this can just be reformatted to be more screen reader friendly and not so impossibly gobbled.