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Nonbinary option in character creation

Just what the title says.
Hi ComradeFishnets,

You are free to pick your biological sex (male or female), and when you create your character you may "appear" as any of the three genders (he, she, they).

From Johnny's post on adding the feature...

Use @born-sex me to define your character's sex as it was designated when they were born. For many characters, this may be the same as the character's present day gender. You don't have to set this if it doesn't apply to you, but you are welcome to do so.

This will be expressed in blood work, though its not going to show up in old blood samples. If you'd like specific karyotypes as part of your character's back story to show up in your blood as part of your biological sex, we can support this via a custom BIOLOGICAL-SEX-CHROMASOMES rp info flag staff can set if you file a @service-request.

I believe NB-at-birth is a viable option!

Maybe I am mistaken, but I believe 'intersex' is an option at character creation.