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Overclocking Chrome
For the Risk-Takers That Want More

I got the idea today that it would be really cool to overclock cyberware. Overclocking would improve performance of targeted cyberware at the cost of scaling loss of reliability over time, and increased PDS risk.

Similar to how overclocking a computer can cause heating problems and shorter lifespan of hardware.

Some examples of this could be: Nanos that improve performance farther than standard performance, but eventually begin to falter, degrading to standard buffs, and eventually offering no benefit at all. Skin weaves offering the ability to hide from security systems or hardening skin further, but eventually begin to fail flickering on and off or growing brittle.

Overclocking beyond factory specs may or may not be seen as tampering with Corporation patents etc., and could possibly be illegal, putting it into the realm of ripper docs or illegal electro tech work - maybe even requiring special tools to make adjustments.


One thing I always liked in ShadowRun novels is that many times, they showed the long-term effects of having things like muscle grafts or wired reflexes. People becoming twitchy and having troubles with fine manipulation as a result of having an overclocked nervous system. People hulking with muscle they got overnight having knee and back problems years after getting them.

Things like that aren't currently coded, and aren't exactly supported in SD's lore where meat is cheap in the form of clones, but it would still make for ace RP. +1 to this.

I would like to see the opposite end of the spectrum. Better chrome, equivalent to what Shadowrun had with alpha, beta and delta grade. Higher cost, lower PDS load. Extremely difficult to find and requiring ultra high end clinics and highly skilled doctors to implant it.

It should be the kind of thing that two corporations like VS and SK have to work together on, setting aside their differences for the benefit of pushing the edge of the envelope. Very likely it would be the kind of research that would eventually leak and other corporations would try to sabotage it, or even swoop in and steal it for themselves.