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Pacifists and wusses
Don't always hit back

Not everyone is going to go blindly slapping the gangster accosting them when put into combat. Some people will just sit there and take it. On the other hand, some people are going to go crazy in combat first thing.

I'm proposing a default posture to enter combat, mainly so non-combat oriented characters would have a chance to turtle up before they decide to slap whoever might be accosting them.

If you attack someone, your default is offensive. If you get attacked, your default is defensive.

Isn't this what the guarded posture does? Or do you still fight back if you are guarded?

Right. Suggesting a range extending to guarded and kamikaze and some choice in how you enter combat, other than the attack order.

Guarded will only counter attack. I'd rather end up in guarded by default if attacked, but if I'm getting attacked first it's usually by surprise, so Defensive is kind of generous in that regard.

If you're expecting a fight, you can 'posture guarded' as soon as combat begins. You could even macro this if you're so inclined.

You can also just 'stop attacking' so there's not even a chance of you countering.

Then flee if you can.