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Pay in Advance for DynaDye
Paint it black.. efficiently!

As it stands now, if you want to dye anything you have to pay per piece, one at a time, or risk losing chy. Number are obfuscated, but...


Joe Baka wants his new DuWear all mustard. Five pieces at 1000c each, 5k.

Joe Baka feeds 5k into the DynaDye.

Joe Baka dyes the first piece.

Joe Baka goes to dye the second... [INSERT 1000c]

Joe Baka just lost 4k

The "correct" way of doing it is feeding in 1k, dying, feeding in 1k, dying...

It's minor QoL but can certainly avoid people potentially losing more money and xhelping like the idiot I am. I'm not sure if any other kiosks are like this, as I know others already have this function, but if anyone thinks of any, feel free to add them.

Honestly I thought you could already do this.

It's a small QoL addition that I'd really welcome. Would save time.

On the other hand, currently very themely that the corpies are going to screw you for a few kay for a very simple mistake?

Other than that, sounds like a good idea :)

Could also lead to the convenient situation of finding someone else's unspent credit if the forget to dye everything they meant to?

I have never understood why the dye press operates as it does, it could definitely stand to be simplified and brought in-line with other payment systems in the game.