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Pets n stuff
some ideas on a cool new thing.

So, I know their not perfect, or superwidely avaliable or anything, but they rock and their pets!  These are in no way demands, or anything I "expect" to see right now or anything like that. These are observations on a cool thing.  

Being able to lift or carry would make it all around more mobile, maybe have the owner automatically succeed, and everyone else need a check based on familiarity, charisma, or some future skill.    

Also being able to order them to like/dislike/hate people would be cool, if they really liked someone, or were instructed to they could listen to someone else to make exchanging, rping them being cared for and all that easier and more fun for more people.

dog/pet fights would be a cool thing to do, tho it probably wouldn't be widely popular til you could train/ grow your animals power via experience/training/ whatever.   Or maybe not.  

Maybe cyberware/nanos can be used on fighting animals as well.  

anyway ya, thanks for many new coded things lately, this one included.

Pikachu @ hates Slither

Pikachu I choose You!

There is nothing needed for pet fights.
How about a whole new skill. Pet Training, or Beasty Master, or Animals.

That would lead on to a job of some sort.
Hey Animal Trainer, my dog drools alot, can you fix it.

No problem.

train pet to stop slobber

You reach a hand at pet, trying to establish a friendship.
Pet jumps back and readys itself.

train pet to stop slobber

Pet attacks you, biting off one of you fingers.

get finger

I don't understand.

get first finger

You pick up finger.


heal me


(Edited by Ihasamoney at 3:18 am on Oct. 7, 2008)


I really don't see 'training' neccesary as a skill. Perhaps some skill + stat checks...but a whole 'nother skill?

Yea and then we can catch NEW PETS in these little red and white balls that electrocute the shit out of your pet and magically seal up again like WHOA!!!

You have to get the "little Asian squirrelly kid" skill!!!

But its cyberpunk, so when I say 'pikachu, I chose you!' its to the guy on the other side of the butcher shop counter.
Pets follow you through 'fee charging exits' now like the metro and clubs.
Pets can now follow you into and out of vehicles.
Sweet, time tah buy my husky a lapdance at the Orifice.
Pets now support the following editable @messages:
@coat_desc molly is "sleek white fur"
@coat_color molly is "bright"

@collar_desc molly is "dingy plastic yellow cord"
@collar_color molly is "yellow"

These should only be editable by admin and the owner of the pet.

Colors should be like those listed when you type @ansicolors. Don't abuse the background colors please.

The @coat will be incorporated into your pet's description via the %coat variable. The @collar will be incorporated into your pet's description via the %collar variable.

Editing your pet's description is still for admin-only, but feel free to xhelp and request a change. DO NOT, however, change your dog from what it is into a poodle or other drastic changes to what it is.

New pet ideals are welcome too, assuming the animal in question is roughly the size of a dog or cat and has 4 limbs. No oversized pets, ridable pets, pets without limbs or pets that would be useless in combat. radscorpions eh?
What about cyberdogs with the same stats as regular dogs? The only difference is that the dogs are desced as chromed up and you have to buy them from SK. Or what about an android manservant?

Haha. I shall name him Klaus!

Pets, guards, agents, judges and other characters who might have a reason to be subservient to you now know how to get in to and out of a vehicle when told to.

note that they will not automatically get into a vehicle if they're following you.

Are pets on the list of "things we can't really get IC any more because all the buyable/usable ones got used/killed/destroyed up and there's no system in place to replenish them without GM intervention"?
Also apparently on this list:
un-associated 'new' security cameras
vehicle systems vests
Fresh security gear can be bought from places in-game by licensed professionals.

Vehicle Security Vests can popup but not enough crates are running, methinks.

On a sidenote, I no nothing of said pets.

(Edited by ReeferMadness at 1:30 am on Dec. 15, 2010)

I believe they might be available if you ask in the appropriate spot ICly, although I have no clue on pricing. The place to get them is still around, although nothing automated seems to be set up, so yes a GM intervention would be required.

Please keep posts on topic and don't ask questions about other things that have nothing to do with the topic in question. Either find an appropriate topic, ask the question in game or create a new thread. I'm going to start editing and deleting posts that begin derailing topics in the future.

I've already trained my Capuchin monkey to climb up on stage and slip singles in the dancer's g-strings.
Ah, so you've read Y:The Last Man as well.