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Pirate Broadcast
Subvert the Man!

I was gonna bump this from 10 years ago but it's in the wrong topic for my purposes.

Now that TV's very mature and there are disuptive elements who probably have the means and motivations, Pirate Television would be a kick awesome piece of some plot some time.

Something awesome on the subject of hijacking broadcasting signals has been done before.

The fallout of that can still be seen in sic ads.

sadly i can't say more without revealing very cool IC details of plot i was never even involved in.

That being said , a hack the planet! type of show on the NLM broadcasting signal might be cool. And probably something players could do to shake the dome.

Pirate show of Sex, Drugs and Violence!! Do eet!
This is already possible in character. I will not go into details but pirate TV broadcasting is 100% possible IC.

Also, if you want to do something off MOO, contact me at [email protected] and we can work on the Sindome Podcast together. I still need voice work done!