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I've heard plants talked about before, but I couldn't find any threads to continue.

Why not incorporate plants into the game in a form which they could grow, it would allow pharmacouticals to be based on replicating plant dna in some ways.

Could provide a biology basis for science skills, which could be extended into chemistry and various other sciences.

Well.. �I think as far as plants on RED..

They'd probably die as soon as you exposed them to the air or something. �:P �Or at least begin to wither rather quickly.

Though greenhouses would work in such situations (I guess), and the conditions on higher levels of the city may work well, I still don't see much of a real use for this. �Granted something interesting may happen down the line and all, but.. �hrm.

FOr one thing, before you can grow plants to make drugs (or medicine or whatever) out of, you have to have properly functioning drugs and various goodies to use the "Chemical" skill with. �I think a few things have actually been released, but as far as I know the drug system is still under development.

Hoo-ray for side-effects!

You're not such a badass when you're suffering from rectal bleeding.


EDIT:  Added glorious links for your enjoyment.

(Edited by Aikao at 12:56 am on Sep. 3, 2004)

After having fun with my geraniums...I got to thinking...

Uh oh.

Why not have plants have @integrate messages? They'd definetly be more aesthetically pleasing.

And if they look nice...why not have them be functional?
Besides just growing why not have plants harvest crops or perhaps in the wasteland water?

You come across a cacti...shit its big. If you have a edged weapon to cut it can get some cactus juice and not have to worry about hitting a freshwater supply?

Or we could just have apple trees on green.


Heh, apple trees on Green would rule...
Though I don't wanna think about the fines for eating a corpie's apple.