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Police Robots
Enforcement Droids, if you will.

I'm surprised I haven't seen any unmanned drones patrolling the street, like the Caretakers from the Akira manga or ED-209 from Robocop.

Of course, being a Corpie project; they are prone to malfunction.

We call them "Judges."

I didn't know Judges were robots.

They're not. The life of a criminal is already pretty difficult, it takes cunning and effort to get away. Adding another layer of difficulty will just result in less crime, no fun for those that find crime fun.

The skies are patrolled by Autonomous Combat Drones (ACDs). Have been since the earliest days.

You need a couple of mech like robots that can be called in for the Jakes. Maybe even a dead Jake resurrected with partial robotic functionality that we could call Murphy... Ohhh, and some replicants that escaped from work detail on the moon and we need to have bounty hunters "retire" them!!! hahahahahha

Too much?

A practical reason not to do law enforcement and security with inhuman bots is, Sindome characters are human, and law enforcement and security are RP roles. I don't think you criminal types would actually appreciate automated adversaries.

Beyond that, certain stuff exists which you may not have seen ICly.

Good point, Linekin.

Oh well, carry on.

Also more automation in law enforcement would make it harder to have mixer scum dripping with sewage freely travelling around nice neighborhoods in Green without the slightest bit of trouble. Which would then expose the loophole of teleporting NPCs into place without having had them walk down the streets in view of Judges to reach their destination topside.