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Pool table suggestion
Just a suggestion

The Pool table looks fun. I've played the pool table in a different game, and it has tons of potential for furthering RP, making money, starting a fight, etc. An immy could potentially come in and win some games and walk out some change. Someone could accuse someone else of cheating and fight them, a friendly game could occur, whatever. I would imagine they be in almost all of the dive bars and select gentlemens clubs in the mix, instead of a spot that isn't as simple to stumble upon.

My suggestion: slap them in the bars, and make it so you don't need to have a pool stick to play. The pool stick for the sake of simplicitiy could be assumed to be owned by the establishment it is in and part of the game. That is all.

If we don't have pool sticks as objects, how else am I meant to bash my opponent across the head with it when I lose?
carry a dildo? I don't know how much poolsticks cost but I've played pool in bars a ton of times and I've never owned one. I imagine it limits anyone who doesn't want to pay the probably oddly balanced price (weapon wise I imagine) of the pool stick to play.
They're around. People are prone to stealing the cue's in the shitty party of the it should be. I recommend you just find a place to setup a facade of employment...or just some pro-bono muscle. Make sure cue's stay on the rack and become the prodigal pool hall junkie.

You have the power.

I'd like to just say that I predicted that all the pool cues we added would be stolen and players decided to be slimy opportunists and they stole them and put them in their pads cause they're pretty low value.

It is what it is, I suppose.

I gotta tell you, people steal them wherever they are. No pool cue is safe.
All the more reason to make them apart of the table honestly. Hats off to whomever put in the work coding it either way i just think it is the underused bar item of the year